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  1. Chevron Quilt for daughter's birthday
  2. Boom9-Pacific -- Blocks I've made--check back often :)
  3. Farmers Wife-Quilted by Harriet
  4. Mom's Flower Quilt
  5. Elis Wheel Quilt
  6. Guitar Wall Hanging.
  7. Laura's Auction Quilt!
  8. I'm a newbie to quilting
  9. my pillow from scraps
  10. Christmas Quilting Guild Quilt
  11. My SIL hinted very strongly for a quilt- here's the top I made.....
  12. Baby girl quilts finally in the mail
  13. St Pat's Day Squedge Project
  14. Quilted Reversible Bath Mat from Towels
  15. Neutrals quilt plus two others
  16. Red Half Log Cabin Experiment
  17. Blue Storm at Sea
  18. 6 placemats plus topper Gift
  19. French Twist Throw
  20. WIP psychedelic dinosaurs
  21. Quilting on a Prim Cheater
  22. Quilt for GS with Aspergers + cute story
  23. Large Dresden Plate Quilt Top
  24. Quilt used as insulation on sliding glass doors
  25. Easy Street Flimsy
  26. t-shirt quilt
  27. Doll quilts
  28. Thinking of Doing Another Boxed Squares
  29. Braided Bag made from my stash
  30. Practicing with Minky
  31. Double Irish Chain, Red White and Blue - Officially addicted to Quilting
  32. suggestions needed on this vintage quilt please!
  33. Blizzard 2013 Quilt Top
  34. Triple 4 Patch for SIL, in Vintage Fabrics
  35. Valentines quilt
  36. Alex in wonderland quilt
  37. A spring quilt
  38. Strata Star Table Toppers, Tree Skirt and Quilt
  39. Tote and another jeans bag done
  40. Pink, Black & White Animal Print D9P
  41. My first try at applique'
  42. My Scrappy Valentine
  43. Valentine Twister Quilt
  44. My 10 min. mix
  45. Applique baby quilt finished finally!!
  46. Trying again with purple quilt
  47. Finished my Shadow Trapunto quilt
  48. A finish. Eddie's quilt.
  49. UFO #10 (Gary Larson) complete
  50. New Project = Appliqué Baby Quilt
  51. Some quilts I made
  52. for my sister's birthday
  53. Two embroidered quilts
  54. my new quilt for my grandaughter's "big girl room"
  55. Binding idea request
  56. Cheerios--not the cereal!
  57. Tuscany
  58. YooHoo another finish!!
  59. Quickie I Spy
  60. My Snow Day Quilt
  61. Found something to do with some Compass Star blocks
  62. Quilt for my dog.
  63. Imperial Diamonds
  64. From Don-isewman--QUILT #6 done for the 10 quilts, I'm makeing for grdkids
  65. Repurposed shirt from China Town.
  66. etching quilt
  67. Isocoles Set Sail in Search of Some Diamonds ...
  68. Quilted bath mat
  69. quilting on minky
  70. UFO #9 complete TATW
  71. Inspectorcmm
  72. How Do I Quilt Cross Stitched Top?
  73. February Squedge Project
  74. Nemo wallups the Northeast
  75. from Don-isewman--a hand quilter
  76. Hopi Indian Themed Quilt
  77. Everybody's Duck!
  78. 1st time making a felt wall hanging
  79. How can 1 baby quilt.....
  80. Dogs at the Beach quilt: Finished!
  81. Last Quilts for 2 little boys
  82. Morning Stroll with Mama - Finished
  83. Babyquilt for grandchild number 10!
  84. Just a little something I have been working on for the last 7 months
  85. Portrait of my Boxer done!
  86. Quilt made for a baby gift, what do you think?
  87. blue & white logcabin quilted
  88. My first independent paper piecing!
  89. Projects
  90. Warm Wishes
  91. T-shirt quilt
  92. Finished Projects..
  93. What I do with Scraps
  94. My deer quilt just pulled off the frame
  95. Help me decide!
  96. Needle case
  97. I think I stole 15 Quilt Tops!
  98. Pinwheel Quilt
  99. Cardinals and Cherry Blossoms
  100. Benefit Quilt
  101. Two little quilts
  102. Boy Baby Safari Star Quilt
  103. Another Quilted Jacket
  104. New class sample
  105. A picture of my first quilt
  106. My Latest Free Quilt Pattern
  107. I think this will cheer someone, don't you?
  108. whole new set Dolly quilt dresses
  109. 4 more hex blocks this past week
  110. quilt tied and finished
  111. Memorial Quilts for Friend
  112. Winter quilt
  113. Snack / Mug Rug Set
  114. Dragonfly Quilt
  115. Need Ideas for Quilting This
  116. Wintu basket motifs
  117. Just finished this old UFO...
  118. Kathy's Quilt
  119. I call this one-Butterfly Meadow
  120. Last year it was Buggy Wheels this year it's Rose of Sharon
  121. Baby Boy Quilt
  122. magic of a 2 1/2" square
  123. nephew's pillows
  124. Donna's Rail Fence Quilted by Linette aka knlsmith
  125. B & W log cabin FINALLY finished!
  126. Quilt promised 2 years ago...........finally finished!!!
  127. Spring Chick Quilt - Thanks to my testers!
  128. New Day Tripper Bag
  129. Two new quilt tops finished
  130. Fairy Frost Baby Quilt with Embroideries
  131. Quilts
  132. My Daughter's 21st Birthday Quilt FINISHED in time
  133. Advancement to my 7° MUF-New friend: "Lady in Red"-Marked quilting Tip
  134. Girly Rag Quilt
  135. Advice, Ideas, Input Needed: What to do with these ?!?!?!?!
  136. Thanks DD for my Christmas present
  137. First UFO quilt top finished in 2013
  138. In The Pink ......... a Baby Irish!
  139. 3-D Pinwheels
  140. My second quilt/first machine quilt
  141. My first wallet...
  142. Finally finished...
  143. My First Kaleidoscope Quilt
  144. Teacup Pincushions
  145. My King size Tenn Waltz is cramping my fingers .......tee hee hee
  146. Scrappy Throw
  147. In His Hands crib quilt
  148. 2013 Firefighters Quilt finished, THANK you everyone for your advise...
  149. Thanks Bellaboo!
  150. Baby Boy and Girl Quilt
  151. Chopsticks Triange Quilt
  152. Finally!!
  153. heart tote bag
  154. Another Scrappy from the SCRAP pile ...
  155. My Log Cabin Finished
  156. Finished the baby quilt I had asked for help on... What do you think?
  157. Small Top-Disapering Nine Patch
  158. Couldn't have done this without Eparys. PLEASE LOOK!!!
  159. Ready for Easter - Mug Rugs
  160. It's a Beach bag - another leftover project
  161. Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt quilted by Creekside Jeanie who did a wonderful job
  162. Fish quilt for nephew's baby
  163. Hope Quilt
  164. Mighty Matti Quilt
  165. matthew's quilt
  166. Superbowl project
  167. my 1st finishes of the year
  168. Help with Grandmothers Flower Garden
  169. Some Christmas projects and Some Since Then
  170. My Easy Street, not quilted
  171. "First Shots" Civil War reproduction prints used.
  172. 12 Degree Spinning Circle
  173. Making a square quilt into a rectangle.
  174. Finished Projects & My Attempt at Branching Out
  175. My first Mariner's Compass
  176. Dresden Kaleidoscopes Made with Button Fabric
  177. I Spy Through Attic Windows - 3 down, 1 to go
  178. What are these?
  179. Stitch in the Ditch.. KICK in the Head!!
  180. Bluebird on the Garden Gate Quilt
  181. Puppy quilt
  182. The Quilt Show BOM
  183. My Tube Quilt.
  184. Help please
  185. A treasure for Nick.
  186. my version of a bow tucks
  187. Disapering Nine Patch Quilt Top
  188. mug mats done with embroidery machine
  189. DD's Christmas Quilt
  190. Star Wars for the Fan...
  191. Baby Shower souvenir.
  192. Look what DH made for me!
  193. new quilt
  194. Autumn Colors Quilt
  195. Thank you for your support - results of your encouragement!
  196. scrappy quilt with designer fabrics
  197. pretty poppies quilted
  198. Look what I pieced today!
  199. Finishing streak...
  200. Star Struck Quilt finished
  201. A child's quilt
  202. Some things I have been working on lately.
  203. New Couch Throw
  204. Craftsy QOV quilted by Cindy60545
  205. What color binding should I use?
  206. Mini Magnolia for a touch of spring
  207. a few of my quilt tops, be mercyful im still learning
  208. Not a block I would do for an entire quilt!
  209. So Excited! Finished first full sized quilt for myself!
  210. Celtic Knotwork French Braid Quilt
  211. new japanese pillow case
  212. The Hounds of Baronville
  213. Cathedral Window Pincushion
  214. Finally! I am able to share photos of my last three finished quilts
  215. Puppy quilt
  216. Swirling Branches Wallhanging
  217. finished my gator quilt!
  218. See, some things do get finished at 4am!!!
  219. Brain Fog....!!
  220. The quilt I made for William Shatner (Capt. Kirk Star Trek)
  221. Lil Cow, fun, fun!
  222. Quilt Pattern Here w/ Rotary Cutting Included
  223. Let's talk about not wasting "stuff".
  224. Pinwheel blocks baby quilt
  225. Another UFO finished.
  226. Quilt top chosen for my class
  227. 1869-1896 piecework
  228. Valentines post card
  229. Bird Watching all the time
  230. 205 tissue holders-done!
  231. two more jeans bags done
  232. Little organizer done with embroidery machine.
  233. Mystery Quilt top finished
  234. Swoon like variation for DGD's wedding
  235. Heart Wall Hanging
  236. Sasha's quilt for LovequiltsUK
  237. Summer Wind (Miss Rosie) Completed!
  238. Two Antique Quilts
  239. My first Bargello.
  240. My Design Wall
  241. "Red-y for A Change" - quilt top
  242. My Batik Quilt
  243. Mel's 1st Crazy Quilt
  244. Granddaughter's Quilt
  245. Roses -decoupage embroidery - block 2
  246. Youhoooooooo I got her done...another scrappy done
  247. First quilt 2013 -Double Slice Layer Cake
  248. Here goes again,Prem quilts and stockings for Christmas
  249. Just finished Baby Quilt
  250. 6° MUF finished: "Bethlehem Christmas"