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  1. Cherry Blossom picture piecing block
  2. Bat's In The Rug by Aunties Two Patterns
  3. Here are the results of my Motivational Week!!!! Please add yours!!
  4. First free motion
  5. my new baby
  6. My French Rose Quilt
  7. Hellebores in the Snow
  8. 1st Quilt Top Complete
  9. Rowdy The Boxer
  10. Penguins in love
  11. Benefit Auction Quilt
  12. Table topper challenge
  13. Blue Tunnels--quilted by Kevin
  14. Christmas Round Robin quilt
  15. star pattern
  16. Angelica Quilt
  17. The Best was Saved for Last-Another Antique
  18. Remember my "They Went That Way?" It shrunk!!!
  19. My Christmas gifts rug mugs.
  20. My"oinkers" are done...posted In Sept of 2011 and just got them quilted!
  21. Scrap Quilt
  22. Glenn's Pincushion
  23. Scracy flower quilt
  24. Help! I can't bring myself to cut it up
  25. My First T-Shirt Quilt
  26. mini quilts
  27. My own first bed quilt
  28. purple rail fence
  29. finally posting 2 Christmas projects
  30. possible quilt combo
  31. Hunter's Star -- I went a little crazy with the quilting
  32. A little geometric quilting designs
  33. Dragon art quilt (applique)...quilted by Kevin
  34. Stars and Ladders scrappy quilt
  35. Poutpourri of work and photos - Part 2
  36. Baby Quilt for 6th Great Grand Child
  37. Searching for Pattern ~ Please Help!
  38. Nora Roberts quilt
  39. very cool a t-shirt made by my hubby
  40. paper and fabric quilt
  41. using my new fabric fo cutter
  42. 5° MUF finished: Quilt or Perpetual Calendar!
  43. Mug Rugs from stash
  44. Scrappy Arkansas Crossroads Quilt
  45. Butter Dish Baskets
  46. Lonestar
  47. Fabric Postcards for Christmas
  48. Free Quilts for Kids Patterns: New Album
  49. Denim Purse Lining
  50. Blue Verona
  51. Zippered Pouch!
  52. Twisted Bunny......
  53. Couple more Button Up Buttercup Quilts
  54. Moda Upstanding - too cute!
  55. Another UFO Bites the Dust - Star Flower Wreath
  56. City Scapes - this is a scrappy quilt.
  57. Quilt for My Daughter's Dorm room
  58. Table runner
  59. Team Quilts
  60. Grandsons Quilts
  61. My teal and black insanity quilt top.
  62. blocks for a new quilt along and Mystery Train flimsy
  63. Judy Niemeyer's Golden Harvest quilt finished
  64. First UFO finished - Gigantic Bag
  65. OSU Quilt
  66. The 12 Days Of Christmas
  67. My New Wall Hanging
  68. My New Advent Calendar
  69. Some Hanukkah Tabletoppers
  70. My Saltbox Harvest Quilt Is Finally Finished!
  71. A Tshirt Lacrosse Quilt
  72. My "Puppy" quilt
  73. Hohoho and a ohohoh
  74. Small memory quilt
  75. 3-D Table Runner
  76. Baby quilt for my first grandchild.
  77. Card Trick Runner
  78. Wonky House and Tree
  79. Satchel for Moïra
  80. Star Struck Quilt and Animals gathering
  81. Looking for suggestions for quilting
  82. Shamrock Table Runner
  83. Warm Wishes WIP
  84. Bright Button Up Buttercup
  85. Spring Leaves from American Patchwork & Quilting april 2001
  86. Pieces of My Heart Mug Rug
  87. Four Patch Posie- Quilted by Harriet
  88. 1st true test of my appliqué skills
  89. Hello Sun 2012 bom
  90. Help, need quilting suggestions
  91. 4° MUF's finished: Casitas!!!
  92. My latest WIP
  93. Hubby's quilt is Finished
  94. Whole cloth done!
  95. Baby Quilt Finished: sheep, owls, and apples
  96. How to quilt this square
  97. WIP; my first 'proper' quilt
  98. flannel fat quarters - man quilt
  99. wonky star quilted bag
  100. Was going to be a quilted table runner, but instead a......?
  101. Appliance Cover
  102. First Time on Long Arm Quilt
  103. Small Kits from Quilt Show Saturday in OKC
  104. Bali Pop quilt
  105. Apple Blossom star project
  106. Quilting board members meet
  107. Bernstein bear quilt-- moda
  108. Quilt top I just finished.
  109. Big block Dresden Plate - opinions
  110. Denim Rag Quilt
  111. Floral Log Cabin Update
  112. A D4P I made for a new baby girl
  113. First scrappy quilt.
  114. Tealfalcon's Pumpkin Pie quilted by Feline Fanatic
  115. Purple Tumbler
  116. Back in the Saddle
  117. ZigZag Quilt
  118. A small child's quilt
  119. Turning 12 for senior piano student
  120. snow day!
  121. purple rail fence started
  122. Labyrinth quilt for my mom, queen size
  123. First finish in 2013 and free motion tip
  124. My Favorite Quilt of 2012
  125. wonky star
  126. Big Star Quilt all DONE!
  127. start of my flowers and diamond quilt
  128. I am so excited to post my progress on my Ohmigosh Quilt--6119 pieces down, 3822 left
  129. Patchwork Tote Bag
  130. Pouch and Tag-EE
  131. From Don-isewman--3 quilt tops done for grdkids
  132. Two quilts I completed
  133. Scrappy 9-Patch quilts from the mystery quilt
  134. New MUF's finished: Poster for our friends!
  135. First Quilt
  136. Help! How do I quilt this? is finally finished........
  137. Label made, quilt shipped, received, and loved
  138. Valentines wall hanging
  139. Fall Table Runner and Placemats
  140. Julie Beaulieu Quilts
  141. 2nd T-shirt quilt done!
  142. purple and green quilt to show
  143. Baby quilt, bumper pads, diaper stacker, crib sheets and crib organizer.
  144. My Table runner Kit
  145. Recliner Quilt
  146. Lucky Stars II
  147. Bright Chevron
  148. 1st handquilted quilt
  149. A vintage Double Wedding Ring (DWR) for a friend -- quilted by Dee
  150. tote that I made for my Mom.
  151. my first FMQ project
  152. strip quilt
  153. second Mini Dresden ready for quilting.........
  154. Black red and white
  155. Heirloom Quilting Practice on Muslin
  156. A forty year old trunk revels some treasures
  157. WIP needs a pop of color. PART 2
  158. Denim Quilt
  159. Need Help...
  160. Christmas Quilts for my grandchildren
  161. Want to share an old quilt with you...
  162. baby girl quilt
  163. Judah's Quilt Finally in the Mail
  164. Starry Night
  165. This is my first quilt for 2013 by:------------Jingle
  166. #17 Quilt for 2012 By:------------Jingle
  167. The quilts that finally arrived
  168. Eye popping, knock your socks off bright
  169. autumm table topper and window decoration
  170. Table Runner
  171. Sampler- Quilted by Harriet
  172. Dad's Quilt is done!! :-)
  173. Bumblebee Quilt to be raffled
  174. Crimson Quilt
  175. Made my Dad a barn quilt
  176. Quilt Rack, Swing Arm Style
  177. Hummel Embroidery Quilt
  178. My Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt Top
  179. Mom made this one, just thought i'd share it. I love it.
  180. Llama quilt
  181. How do I quilt this?
  182. Irish Chain and a few questions
  183. Belle Wave quilt top
  184. My first jelly roll quilt - very bright
  185. Zentangles Boston Terrier
  186. Items for Baby
  187. Hooked on Double Wedding rings
  188. Quilt for great granddaughter
  189. Using up stash
  190. next project
  191. "Froggy" quilt
  192. This grandma is so proud!
  193. Christmas Tree Skirt
  194. made a quilt using my own pattern
  195. Quilts done in 2012
  196. a couple of quilt tops I have made,
  197. some more fun things I made
  198. WIP string quilt
  199. Bathroom wall hanging
  200. raw edge applique
  201. teaching a new sewer
  202. Make sure you take pictures and label your quilts! All is well that ends well.
  203. T Shirt quilt
  204. Red White and Blue
  205. quilting a QOV
  206. Bitty Baby cradle for our DGD's Christmas
  207. My most challenging quilt to date - USA
  208. could some please claim this quilt
  209. Ever bought fabrics that didn't "GO" with the pattern!
  210. baby quilts made before LA
  211. string quilt donation to Christ Child Society
  212. Warm Wishes donation quilt
  213. QOV Red and White Stars
  214. modified scrappy string quilt
  215. Scrappy Trip Around the World
  216. blue and yellow quilt
  217. Not so sure what I think of this quilt
  218. Four Patch Posie
  219. Unique Trip Around the World
  220. wool heart appliqué WIP
  221. Bit of Spring -- first top finished in 2013
  222. Homemade sewing case
  223. Scrambled 9-Patch from batkis
  224. FMQ Practicse
  225. My first quilts
  226. WIP:Red Bird, Does it look balanced to you?
  227. cat wall hanging
  228. First finish for 2013
  229. "Hoo hoooo" Talk to the Moon
  230. Applque pillow and blue quilt
  231. T.Shirt Red/Purple
  232. Hi again
  233. Stunning Quilts
  234. FWPQC Lap Quilt
  235. The quilt that broke my machine!
  236. A few fun things I have made
  237. "Cat Cousin Weekend Get Together"
  238. "Believe" Quilt for daughter
  239. McKenna Ryan "Home Tweet Home" blocks done!!
  240. Baby Log Cabin & Patchwork Puzzle Ball
  241. quilt
  242. scrappy trip along
  243. A little stupid today HELP
  244. Can anyone identify this quilt pattern ?
  245. top finished ---d-9 patch
  246. 2 Muf's finished: Christmas Table Runners for 2!
  247. Mexican Stars quilt finished
  248. Fast table topper for Daughter
  249. Need help figuring out this quilt
  250. A Big Fat Queen quilt