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  1. Lavonne's GFG...quilted by Charisma
  2. Lavonne's Cross quilt...quilted by Charisma
  3. KangaRoo Pockets....quilted by Charisma's Corner
  4. Nature's Peace
  5. 3 months of hard work paying off!
  6. Baby Quilt Top Finished Over the Weekend...
  7. Vincent's Birthday Quilt
  8. Family Quilt
  9. Dawne's Beautiful Kitty
  10. Patriotic Wall hanging.
  11. A few pictures of my sewing room. A little different from previous pictures I posted
  12. My newest endeavor
  13. My latest baby quilt
  14. Can you help with name of this block?
  15. tea dye followup - wall hanging
  16. What I did this weekend
  17. A picture of my newest quilt I finished today
  18. my latest finally done
  19. A panda lunchbag
  20. quilted jacket finally done!
  21. Finished Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  22. A HUGE PP'd quilt for a customer --- quilted by Dee
  23. blue mini
  24. been haveing problems so bear with me
  25. My completed Carpenters Wheel
  26. Diamond Mine
  27. Baby bibs
  28. Donation quilt I'm working on.
  29. Our Grandmothers did this!
  30. Looks like I'm going to make a bag a day.
  31. A plate full of bunnies
  32. Autumn Stroll (McKenna Ryan) Quilt is finished!
  33. Expanding my "quilting wings"
  34. 50 PP Stars Block of the week
  35. Baby quilt suggestions
  36. Family Affair
  37. Beautiful Swoon Quilt
  38. Maddie's quilt
  39. My first OBW
  40. Deer In A Moonlit Forest
  41. What I did on a snowy afternoon
  42. My Prayers and Squares quilts
  43. 10 Minute Quilt block
  44. My Eight Year Quilt
  45. Alabama Quilt
  46. OK Ribbon Star (block), can we be friends now?
  47. Mardi Gras Wall Hanging
  48. Picture of Great Nephew with his Monster Quilt yesterday! :)
  49. My granddaughter's quilt
  50. Another little quilt finished!
  51. When the panel doesn't match the pattern...
  52. Couple New Charity Quilts
  53. WIP Chubby chicks
  54. Two purses, one for my mom and another for a customer
  55. How I transformed a thrift shop comforter for a friend.
  56. Heart bargello WIP part 2
  57. Water Fantasy Class WIP pics
  58. Latest project done....Purse for neice
  59. Easter Tablerunner
  60. Starting my second quilt (String Quilt)
  61. My recent wall hangings (Valentine & St Patrick)
  62. Another Cat Quilt!
  63. Nascar themed quilt
  64. Just a few of my many quilted baskets and totes :)
  65. Just Finished This Quilt....
  66. My latest finished top
  67. A Holly Jolly Christmas...quilted by Charisma
  68. "Show Off" Brown, Turquoise, Lime Green, Pink
  69. St.Pats topper for a friend...
  70. Kaleidoscope in progress...
  71. Pattern
  72. Tumbling block quilt
  73. my newest scrappy quilt
  74. Maggie's angel quilt
  75. New Quilt Designs Using Opposing Corners & Storm At Sea Blocks
  76. Old Notions and Machines.
  77. Ufq
  78. WIP Scrappy stars
  79. Challenge play
  80. **finally something to show**
  81. "Clown" quilt!
  82. The finally done
  83. Coffee Cat Cafe
  84. And yet.. another bag. I'm addicted, I tell ya!
  85. Sunbonnet Kitty
  86. Finished Quilt for my niece...handquilited.
  87. Pink-a-luscious -Quilt for my Granddaughter
  88. Sister Quilts
  89. Valentine Hearts Table Runner...
  90. House quilt done
  91. Reunion State Sampler
  92. Magic mitten wall quilt
  93. Potato Chip Bag
  94. Log cabin top finished
  95. Check out customer's scrappy quilt!
  96. Judy's Glorious Applique...quilted by charisma
  97. Quilt patterns in the snow
  98. How would you quilt this?
  99. I Spy/Dog Quilt-Two for One
  100. Shooting Stars
  101. Quilts to be for my kiddos
  102. My Reverse Garden Twist Quilt
  103. Practicing Heirloom Feathers and My First Bias Tape Vining...
  104. French Braid Done & Done
  105. My XandO quilt top finished !!
  106. What is this pattern called?
  107. My first quilt top! Be gentle!
  108. pinwheels waiting for thier owners, child's rocking chair
  109. 9 patch and snowballs garden quilt
  110. May I brag?
  111. birdhouse block for guild
  112. Wall Hanging I designed.
  113. Marine Corps Theme Quilt
  114. The Sailboat
  115. Batik Quilt Update
  116. Past quilts from Miller Bowie Quilt Show
  117. Three small tops with HSTs
  118. Twister table top
  119. McKenna Ryan Wall Hanging
  120. A Birthday bag. 24 buttons!
  121. Snappy quilted eyeglass case
  122. I think this will be warm enough!
  123. Simplicity in Summer Park ....quilted by Charisma
  124. Bella Bella quilt progress
  125. Look at this--very old DWR quilt
  126. Tisha's Baby Girl quilt...Quilted by Charisma
  127. Yellow and Black TWISTER
  128. Autumn BQ2 quilt
  129. Kevin's Baby Girls
  130. Mom's "march" mug rug
  131. Preventing side setting triangles stretching
  132. Kiddy Monster Quilt done!
  133. The last of the three "sunny lanes' quilt tops - blue (compare red and yellow)
  134. Creatures of the Sea
  135. Finally done
  136. Attic Window and Birds In The Air Blocks used for this quilt
  137. Horse quilt for Begin Again Horse Rescue to raffle
  138. Next Project Fabrics, for new grandson due in May
  139. Material.
  140. Clown Block and Pinwheel Square Block in EQ7
  141. Which do you like better? Two bl & wh minis!
  142. New Bag
  143. Pinwheel Top Finished!!!
  144. customer kwilt
  145. mariners compass--sept 2011
  146. That's a lot of geese!
  147. Free Motion Machine Embroidery Project # 2
  148. Pezzy Circle of Geese
  149. My 2nd Mini Quilt !!!
  150. Bright Pinwheels finished
  151. Eight Pointed Star
  152. Cherries topper
  153. NEED ADVICE: pinwheel or plain cornerstone?
  154. Summer In The Park
  155. Need Quilting Ideas
  156. Red and White Ohio Star Quilt
  157. Heart Strings
  158. 3rd annual UNL Employee Quilt Show
  159. I Need to Name This Feathered Star...
  160. Country Junction BOM pictures for February and March
  161. New Quilter
  162. Baltimore Quilt
  163. Baby Girl Quilt - Dress Up...quilted by Aubrey'sQuiltingCreations
  164. Little Valentine quilt.
  165. My Mother's Prayer Quilt
  166. Just finished a baby quilt
  167. My Valentine's Quilt...quilted by Kevin
  168. Carrot tablerunner for fundraiser
  169. a legacy of quilts
  170. Quilt Designed Using EQ7....with 4 blocks this time
  171. Feathered Charisma
  172. Does anyone recognize this fabric line?
  173. Oldest son's quilt finished
  174. Toppers and Runners I have made recently
  175. My Butterfly fabric quilt
  176. Spring Daffodils
  177. Bernie the Bumblebee
  178. Susan's Lovely Star Topper......quilted by Charisma
  179. A Ricky Timms quilt my DIL made for her Mother's birthday.
  180. Baby quilt
  181. another scrappy- completely out of my stash top done
  182. A baby's quilt
  183. Dresden Plate - in progress...
  184. metro girl
  185. quilting ideas for this horse quilt top?
  186. Button Up Pillow
  187. Casting Shadows top
  188. Tank's welcome quilt
  189. Creme Brulee top done, now to quilt the top
  190. Harbor Freight Tools
  191. Quilting Ideas for this mini
  192. Kaffe Fassett quilt
  193. Carpenter's Star (Josie's Star)
  194. my first quilt!
  195. Crazy about you
  196. Quilt top I just finished today!
  197. Whew I finally put the trim on
  198. 3-D Fish quilt
  199. Do you remember my practice Blue Bargello?
  200. Finished Baby quilt
  201. Chevron Baby Quilt...made by Charisma
  202. Bonnie's 2 sided quilt...quilted by Charisma
  203. Trade a pineapple for a pineapple?.....quilted by Charisma
  204. Bow Tie, Scrappie, Baby quilts
  205. Customers quilts that I have quilted they are beautiful!!!
  206. Latest Finish
  207. Relay for Life Quilt Help!
  208. husband's new quilt
  209. Pinks Table Topper
  210. Different Variation On Star and Squares Used
  211. Using One Block, various fabrics on hand, different looks
  212. Bargello design
  213. "Grandog" Quilt
  214. Lone Star Quilt
  215. Strawberry Limeade quilt in hot pink, black, lime green
  216. Folded Dahlia Pillow Problem and a question
  217. Mason's Quilt (for real_
  218. If you don't like Purple, Look Away!
  219. Black and white quilt
  220. My humongous bed quilt is done!
  221. red and white quilt and dress challenge
  222. mimi quilt
  223. Queen and Her Court
  224. State of Grace
  225. Cow quilt, I'm new to this board
  226. Another charm pack tote
  227. Can You Say Busiiiiiiiiiiiiii Like A Bee
  228. Lattice Heart Quilt...manipulated block
  229. etchings style quilt top done
  230. Nobu OBW Totally Finished
  231. new to me Pfaff
  232. Granddaughter's Quilt
  233. Grandson's Quilt
  234. scrappy project - use em up!!!
  235. postage stamp quilt
  236. Tired of the Back to Nature progress? If not--peek here.
  237. some more og my kids class work-so proud of them!!!
  238. Done despite my dog!
  239. Baby Firefighter
  240. Bluebird in My Garden finally quilted
  241. Carpenters Wheel - not quite
  242. Batik Friendship Braid...finished
  243. Look what I got today!
  244. We Smell Rabbits! -- a beagle quilt
  245. My first charm pack tote
  246. UFO One Block Wonder
  247. Butterfly Baby Quilt
  248. Guest room!
  249. Different Denim quilt
  250. Blue and yellow Log Cabin