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  1. My rainbow tote bag+ tutorial
  2. Pic of my tumbler quilt-done
  3. BA BOM from the QB
  4. Finished Rosie my confetti quilt
  5. the last batch of my purses-for now!
  6. last batch so far of my purses
  7. Kindle Cover I made today
  8. More purses I have made
  9. Two Scotty Dog Pictures
  10. Grandson's DP9 I Spy
  11. Indiana Women's Prison Charity Quilts
  12. 2 Tops Finished
  13. a few items are quilted now
  14. day and night quilt
  15. Lattice Quilt
  16. Carpenters wheel
  17. forgotten quilt finally finished
  18. Another scrappy pattern
  19. Vintage Feed Sack Quilt quilted!
  20. Happy First Anniversary Quilt
  21. Barbie Quilt
  22. Grand Daughters first quilt
  23. Scrappy finish
  24. Scrappy with a Stipple (Inspired by "ranger")!
  25. Carpenter Wheel wall hanging.
  26. Valentine Wall (Door) Hanging
  27. It's a start...
  28. My Oriental Star block
  29. Photos of purses-take 3!
  30. Quilt for Hazel, on turning 100
  31. Log Cabin Quilt
  32. Block of the Month
  33. First Funky Chicken
  34. Barn Block
  35. Quilt tops pieced this weekend
  36. Crazy Quilted Heart ornaments transittion from Christmas to Valentine's Day
  37. What is the name of this block?
  38. My Ramblin Rose Meets Jamestown
  39. Mr. Crazy Legs
  40. My 6 yr old's birthday gift
  41. Cassarole carrier
  42. OnaLee's Cross...quilted by Charisma
  43. Michele's quilt
  44. purses I have made in the past month
  45. Another Civil War Quilt
  46. Civil War Quilt
  47. Pies and Tarts
  48. Lemon Zest
  49. Happy Valentine's Day
  50. Table Runner and Wall Hanging
  51. black and white and red quilt
  52. Rag time Flying Pinwheel
  53. Falcons Quilt for Niece
  54. Accu Quilter
  55. GS quilt and DD's quilt
  56. Beginnings of a Wall Quilt
  57. my newest quilt
  58. Christmas Tree Skirt (a little late)
  59. more pictures of granddaughters quilts
  60. Another little quilt for AAQI -- Carnival Time!
  61. Egg Money Quilt Is Finished!
  62. My scrappy quilts
  63. JANUARY BOM!!! Thanks melodylamour!!!
  64. flannel quilt I am working on
  65. I taught myself how to paper piece...
  66. Completed a scrappy strip quilt top.....
  67. My first Bow Tucks
  68. Luna Notte blocks up, now decisions to be made
  69. Cute Bag finished
  70. Ring Bearer Pillow
  71. Just finished my double wedding ring quilt
  72. Carrot Sticks Log Cabin- A quilt top
  73. Valentine Tablerunner out of scraps
  74. 4 patch posies
  75. design board smiles
  76. Just completed a scrappy quilt top
  77. Spiderweb Wall Hanging (tute from this board)
  78. the next ragged flannels and I figured out how to determine fabrics needed!
  79. Bunny Boots
  80. Arabian Nights - a Work in Progress
  81. pink and green zig zag
  82. Fantastic Quilting Weekend
  83. Quilt top finished
  84. a donation quilt for a horse rescue-
  85. Would love to know how you would fmq this wallhanging or tablerunner
  86. Etching....Blocks done...YAY!
  87. Mock Double Wedding Ring longarmed by Feline Fanatic
  88. Quilted Cosmatic Bags....กระเป๋าใส่เครื่องสำอางค์
  89. Scrappy quilt just for me
  90. A "Very Spicy" Spiral Table runner
  91. Black and White by Doris
  92. Framed Log Cabin #1, another scrappy finally bites the dust!
  93. Sunflower quilt finished...
  94. Back to Nature--Block 7
  95. Studio floor continues to be cleaned up, today's fire quilt project in the finished p
  96. Sewing machine cover and organizer
  97. A Quilt designed by my daughter
  98. Quilted Hearts Candle Mat - A Sweet Mini Quilt for Valentine's Day
  99. The "Trash Quilt"
  100. Finally did the Jelly Roll Race
  101. It's not Vera Bradley but it's custom for me!
  102. A small gift(textile weaving)
  103. My Sweet Baby Quilts
  104. Sew One and You're Done UFO completed!
  105. another tshirt quilt
  106. First Quilt on Here...
  107. You could win these . . . if . . .
  108. Newbee's attempt-wall hanging- winterscape
  109. Well...take 5 missmatched fatquarters
  110. Name this pattern, please!
  111. "Heart Strings" by Pastimes Quilt Design
  112. Lil Rascals Baby Boy Quilt
  113. BOM Birdie Stitches - Block # 11 y 12
  114. Itty Bitty on post pic @post #116
  115. Need some opinions.
  116. Client quilt finished!!
  117. bumble bee quilt
  118. My first paper pieced blocks
  119. Valentine Wall Hanging
  120. Valentines Mug Rugs
  121. A Snowy Retreat quilted by Aubrey's Quilting Creations
  122. Peggy's Midnight Stars...quilted by Charisma
  123. My first Mini Bow Tuck
  124. My first attempt at a French Bear Claw!
  125. Ribbons and Stars
  126. Quilt Label
  127. yo yo to flowers
  128. WIP 16 dolly quilt dresses done.. 2 left ready to assemble tomorrow
  129. pansy quilt and silk handbag
  130. i love making stuffies!
  131. quilt for new niece or nephew!!
  132. Boy, have I got a lot to learn! And could use some encouragement...
  133. Pictures
  134. My wallet
  135. whomever posted these free BOM thank you!
  136. Another one from Donna
  137. Black and White and a little pink
  138. Star quilt by a newer quilter
  139. My latest Project - Celtic Quilt
  140. Peggy's Parisville.....quilted by Charisma
  141. A Brand New Quilt
  142. pinkberrykay you inspired me....
  143. From a vest to a bag...
  144. Pegger's Peck Stars...quilted by Charisma
  145. Latest Quilt
  146. "February" Mug Rug for Mom
  147. Just an EveryDay Bag
  148. Easiest Scrappy Quilt
  149. Christmas Gift for Brother
  150. My Half Strippy Scrappy Lappy - My Own Idea! - instructions are @ post 74
  151. Cheryl's Quilt
  152. Pot of Tea? UFO - Finish
  153. Modern Baltimore Album Quilt from BOM here
  154. Christmas Table Topper
  155. Grand daughter making a quilt
  156. A new way to end wrapped bowls.
  157. black and batik
  158. Stained Glass Star
  159. New Valentine Heart Quilt
  160. 3D pinwheel quilt
  161. One Tiger quilt finished
  162. Chocolate Sampler from
  163. Natalies Christmas nap quilt
  164. Two baby quilt tops I just completed
  165. Valentine to my friend at the LQS
  166. "Swing Your Partner," Scrappy Mini
  167. My new living room pillows - today
  168. Log Cabin Swirl and Snow Friends
  169. Finally finished
  170. Naughty Monkey Bag......
  171. Chicken swing dance and placemats.....
  172. New bom, I've finished the January block!
  173. Snow Cat mini
  174. Jan BOM - snowman
  175. Not sure if I like this combination of colors
  176. Joseph's Coat quilt finished
  177. Presenting a Log Cabin using Marti Michel's techniques
  178. Cat Panel Meets Twister Ruler
  179. 3 new quilt tops , angel, pinwheel, half square triangles
  180. No peeking Maggiesmom
  181. scarp quilt
  182. Memorial Quilt Revamped
  183. i try posting this before
  184. Flying Pterodactyls
  185. WIP Newest Dolly Dresses update
  186. just finished this top called peach cobbler.....
  187. Three more bow tucks.....
  188. Remember this? I found a better one.
  189. smaller quilt from larger pattern - oops
  190. Suprisingly red by Jacqueline de Jonge
  191. First Warm Wishes
  192. Hair stylist quilt
  193. 3 winter quilts in 3 weeks
  194. Little Gem Quilt***posting for my friend piecebypiece also on this board
  195. Turnabout Jacket
  196. What I did at my weekend retreat
  197. Butterflies of Happiness Quilt ( Baby Quilt )
  198. Throw Pillows
  199. Quilted Hoody....
  200. Hubby did some decorating...
  201. Hope Star Blankie
  202. Here is the completed top from the sneak peek thread I had
  203. Carpenters Star - Is it going to be too dark?
  204. Double slice quilt (Missouri Quilt Co.)
  205. Stack n wack for DH, Way Up North
  206. My newest textil-basket
  207. finished up a few things
  208. Purple and Beige Navaho Charisma
  209. Dresden wallhanging to go with my CUTE hanger!
  210. A quilt top from jennr8r
  211. All done now!
  212. "Old" Quilt finally in use and pink sampler wip
  213. Scrappy Rail Fence
  214. Feb. Wall Hanging -- Hearts with more added in border.
  215. Dad's Quilt
  216. One Block Wonder Top- My First
  217. Carpenter's Star
  218. Civil War Quilt Stunning
  219. Christmas quilt, would like advice on quilting
  220. February Wall Hanging -- hearts
  221. Star quilt done finished with binding
  222. Finished this Baby Quilt and Pieced the Binding!
  223. My first gifted blanket--Rag Quilt
  224. Oklahoma City Quilt show #2
  225. Oklahoma City Quilt Show 2012 ...
  226. Quilted Post Cards
  227. First quilt is done...
  228. Princess quilt
  229. not exactly a new thread...
  230. Follow-Up to "Hardest Block Ever" Post
  231. My Needle Case for the Exchange
  232. Mini Lone Star - finished top!
  233. Obento - my quilt for Junko, Ian and baby Julian
  234. I've learned so much...
  235. Birches By the Beach
  236. finished by bags...quilted on the longarm
  237. My Little House Wallhanging
  238. Ragged flannel just out of the dryer!
  239. Latest Customer Quilt off the Frame
  240. some small Projects
  241. Bow tuck bags for my girls.
  242. My latest just finished
  243. Almost finished
  244. UFO Done!!
  245. WIP for Threadbanger
  246. Sneak Preview - Holiday Flourish 5
  247. Ricklef House
  248. A vintage quilted raggedy heart pillow
  249. "Diagonal Nines" new design by Pastimes Quilt Design
  250. New Sewing Cabinet