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  1. Getting ready for a local craft fair...more fun!
  2. Quilted Football
  3. Irish Chain Memory Quilt
  4. Selvage Christmas Tree mug rugs
  5. Some of my stuff
  6. Christmas table topper
  7. Bright and simple string piecing
  8. Dotty Pies and Tarts
  9. Well perhaps I don't like this quilt but......
  10. New Great Grandson's Quilt.
  11. More Log Cabin blocks!
  12. Projects I recently finished
  13. HST quilts
  14. Mountains Wall Hanging
  15. Baby Quilt
  16. Thrift store find - finally!
  17. Gray...the new "neutral" Quilt top
  18. Izic and Iliza quilt done
  19. My last fairy house
  20. Owl baby quilt
  21. latest quilt for the guilds' President Challenge
  22. Picture of Granddaughters Butterfly quilt
  23. Today's pillow accomplishments :)
  24. Whew! What a challenge!
  25. SewAlong Christmas Block # 6
  26. haven't updated in a while (pics)
  27. Need your opinions on another UFO
  28. My rooster quilt
  29. bow tucks purse my first
  30. summer porch or stained glass II. Need help on the fall.
  31. In the pink FourPatch
  32. Boomerange Autumn- quilt blocks I have created..
  33. Christmas Ornament
  34. 'Allium' - a confetti art quilt
  35. a true scrappy quilt.
  36. What I hold dear Tote bag swap FINISHED!
  37. OBW Oceans Swirls
  38. Christmas larks
  39. RV Quilt
  40. Holiday mini quilt
  41. One that I'll finally use... Sew proud :)
  42. Parquet Quilt - needs border input
  43. "Bird Haven" quilted by Charisma
  44. Sea Life Quilt
  45. My Batik Wheels
  46. Tear Jerker Suprise Christmas quilt pic
  47. Baby Quilt November 2011 - D9P
  48. Quilt Show in Williamson NY
  49. Craft Show display
  50. You Ever Wonder?
  51. scrap rag wreath
  52. Two more UFOs completed for 2011
  53. A quilt of valor
  54. BQ by Maple Island
  55. an oldie but still goodie...quilted by Heather
  56. Which do you like best?
  57. Church Craft Festival
  58. Twin girls baby quilts
  59. Completed Pineapple Quilt
  60. A very froggy Christmas
  61. Advent Calendars
  62. My great niece and her butterfly quilt.
  63. Christmas Cats: a panel quilt
  64. Gotthebug's little pine cone Quilt, guilted by Gramyx7
  65. My Raggy Owl
  66. Bunny Baby Panel
  67. Christmas quilts for my niece and nephews
  68. What I did with leftover HST's...
  69. Just love summer and winter
  70. boys in bunks - 5 yd(+) quilts
  71. My first finished quilt!
  72. Round Robin top
  73. Quilt for my grandson
  74. Trying to post a pic....wish me luck!
  75. Blessing of the Charity Quilts
  76. just finished quilt top...
  77. Lets play pick the background for the Lone Star
  78. My Jeweled Forest Update - Sun 11-13 Pic Heavy!
  79. Todays Project
  80. 10 minute block quilt for Kim
  81. My Purple Lap Quilt
  82. Dart Board 18" X 18" design
  83. Baby Ribbons & Oz quilted by Suezquilts
  84. Strip Cocktail!
  85. "scrappy carpenter's star" in progress
  86. Table tops quilted by suezquilts
  87. Bargello Quilt with Vibrant Colors
  88. Brian's Rainbow
  89. The table runner I made with Shiva Painstciks
  90. A simple quilt I'm progress for six months and I don't know what to do with it...
  91. Wish Upon A Star Freehand Panel
  92. Chili fabric
  93. Wall Hanging for a special friend
  94. Santa's Coming Advent Quilt
  95. Christmas wallhanging 'Up on the Housetop'
  96. Baby Shower Quilt
  97. What Is On Your Design Board?
  98. plastic bag holder and pot holder
  99. Feed Sack quilt
  100. First try at Lone Star Quilt
  101. Christmas items so far
  102. ITS DONE ... make a bag for my gand daughter for xmas she love zebras
  103. My Self-Imposed Challenge
  104. Geese flying through the trees
  105. A different log cabin quilt
  106. Our Buggy Wheels Quilt top-thanks to Ninnie!
  107. my sons marvel quilt that I have been working on this weekend
  108. Airing of the Quilts, Smithville, Tx. November 12, 2011
  109. Snug as a Bug baby quilt
  110. Scrap Bags that I have made this year
  111. Baby Jungle Quilt
  112. Red White and Blue Stars
  113. My tribute to Japan after the earthquake
  114. A Hunter's Foliage
  115. summer and winter
  116. Christmas Quilt
  117. Twin Sister Trellis
  118. My avatar
  119. Baby Boy Owl Quilt completed
  120. What I made with fabric from Krystyna.
  121. Winter Table Runners finished!
  122. Purple, purple quilt
  123. French Roses Plus! Quilt
  124. Three Blue, Yellow and White Quilts
  125. Table runner Christmas Gift finished
  126. Easy to do pattern for quick quilts
  127. Coyote Moon Landscape on the small side.
  128. Pillow made from neckties
  129. Minis for a fundraiser
  130. Safari quilt
  131. How could you use this anti-bullying fabric?
  132. Fabric braided wreaths
  133. Fundraiser Quilt done in browns, Yellow Brick Road
  134. Needing the name of this block...
  135. To completed Christmas Tree wall hangings
  136. I need your honest thoughts on the color of this...
  137. Four sets
  138. Fabric Christmas Cards
  139. SewAlong Christmas Block # 5
  140. Another Bow Tuck
  141. My take on Mexican Stars
  142. Liberty Tree Scrap Quilt
  143. Moose Log Cabin
  144. Turkey finished in time for Thanksgiving this year
  145. Heart lap quilt
  146. Love Autumn Days!
  147. Monster quilt (size wise)
  148. 1 down 3 to go
  149. A New York Beauty that lives in South Carolina...quilted by Charisma
  150. Pamela's Shabby Chic Pinwheels ...quilted by Charisma
  151. Karin's Purple and Teal Beautiful Batik
  152. Scrappy Tumbling Die
  153. Finally finished a 'baby' quilt, he will be 4 on Saturday
  154. Seven clothing quilts made for a customer
  155. Star quilt 2 of 4 done and in the mail!
  156. Thanksgiving table runner
  157. New finish
  158. Farm Animal Baby Quilt my first freehand quilt
  159. Over the River- Quilted by Harriet
  160. Christmas panel- Quilted by Harriet
  161. Sewing Space & Cutting Table
  162. Sampler quilt-Quilted by Harriet
  163. Paper-pieced Miniature
  164. My rose quilt
  165. Tote & quilt
  166. How do I quilt with sewing machine this throw?
  167. Beginning Quilt Finished
  168. Sewing room redo
  169. And now some Christmas ones
  170. Having sewing machine withdrawals... oh my!
  171. the REAL civil war repro
  172. My new featherweight "Eric"
  173. bright colored star bursts
  174. 2 christmas quilts and bug quilt
  175. Applique cushions!
  176. #16 for 2011
  177. Repost of "Easy quilt to whip up for a gift" creme brulee
  178. Opinions Please - Wallhangings? or Pillows?
  179. Hayley's Quilt
  180. Memory Quilt special thanks to TJDesigns
  181. Love Beads Quilt
  182. Red Roses Stack-and-whack
  183. Kit Quilt
  184. 4 patch posey and Inspector LickieLoo
  185. Black Christmas Tree Skirt
  186. more mug mats
  187. Just to let you know what I am new wholecloth!
  188. First attempt at posting picture - wedding quilt
  189. new excited...
  190. Blue jean BOW TUCK
  191. FINALLY finished my first full sized quilt ever, the pile of leaves =)
  192. Counter top mat
  193. My first doll quilt, My first biscuit quilt
  194. Another picture
  195. Dec la Table runner and Let's Twist wall hanging finished.
  196. Mini Bow Tuck- What was I thinking
  197. Smokey Mountain Stars
  198. "Hearts in the dark" - Block # 2 (Block # 11)
  199. Friends Wallhanging
  200. How to quilt this Runner?
  201. Strawberry Fields Cottage Quilt
  202. Babay quilt.
  203. Simple/Changeable Decorating Idea
  204. This n that quilts
  205. Summer Quilting Studio/A Frame Cabin
  206. My first baby quilt - blue bear blue bear what do you see?
  207. Pink Ribbon Quilt for niece
  208. Baby Blanket and Diaper Bag
  209. Look what else I found at Harbor Freight
  210. My First Quilt
  211. These are * julie in nm* 's mugrugs
  212. Crumbs
  213. Amazing Kit for the Holidays
  214. Double Wedding Ring
  215. Singer 301A
  216. Need opinions please!
  217. sorry,still playing with picture resizing
  218. Jeweled Forest
  219. FALL WALL HANGING - finished this morning
  220. Fall bargello table runner that turned into a tablecloth
  221. Hot off the sewing machine!
  222. A-MAZE-ing Tom and Jerry Quilt
  223. Dec La Table Runner and a Finished Let's Twist Christmas Tree wall hanger
  224. Old National Road Quilt
  225. Can you tell me the name of this pattern
  226. Mug rug set for a friend
  227. quilted applique throw pillows
  228. hubby made this ironing board for applique work.
  229. My First Bow Tuck
  230. Two House Quilts
  231. Two baby quilts
  232. Baby blanket with matching doll blanket
  233. Sudoku Quilt Top
  234. From Quilters World 2/2010
  235. Asian Flare Lap Top~quilted by Suezquilts
  236. Maple Leaves in batiks~quilted by Suezquilts
  237. Batik table topper~first quilt~quilting by suezquilts
  238. Christmas Table topper or tree skirt quilting by Suezquilts
  239. Swallows in Stain Glass
  240. Fantastic Fans and Beautiful Bows
  241. wallhanging
  242. Rahr! New quilt (Two big pics)
  243. Hot Off the Press Halloween Panels
  244. Minnie Mouse quilt
  245. Quilts finished up this week
  246. What I picked up at the Houston Quilt Show...
  247. Circles
  248. Purse Wall Hanging
  249. dd's bedroom at university
  250. make a bag for my gand daughter for xmas she love zebras