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  1. I say it's for the Grandkids....but it's really for me......
  2. A new machine and a frame!
  3. The true story of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"
  4. Corn Hole Bags
  5. Ninety Years Young
  6. Christmas road trip
  7. Target Data Breach
  8. Looking for picture
  9. ABACUS counter
  10. What's Your Snowman Name?
  11. Definitely not a Quilt
  12. Remember when?
  13. $10 Thrift Store find
  14. Sweatshirt Jacket Failure
  15. Sometime I really worry about myself.....
  16. A Special Holiday Visitor
  17. doll socks
  18. HELP SANTA'S suit is now red with pink fuR
  19. some easy snowman scarves.
  20. Looking for Christmas GaG gifts!
  21. Cowboy vests
  22. Grandson wants a sleep sack
  23. Retirement questions....
  24. A very Merry Christmas for Canada - funny!
  25. machine embroidery section?
  26. Home made extra, extra large work gloves
  27. Storage for 18" doll clothes.
  28. quilt tour in new zealand november 2014
  29. Lexus ad with treadle machine
  30. USPS package tracking
  31. Fab Shop Hop
  32. Grandma's bragging point...
  33. Family pulls off amazing Christmas Video...Ya gotta see this one!
  34. Ideas!
  35. Happy Blessed Christmas to one and all.
  36. Hand embroidery help please
  37. Poinsetta=Poison
  38. Special ornament
  39. Jordy Bag
  40. Stopping time
  41. I don't think I have laughed like this in years...
  42. After the storm visitors!
  43. A little Christmas cheer
  44. Lipstick and Mirrors
  45. Nine Patch Tote
  46. What yarn/needles to buy for crocheting granny squares and other projects
  47. Roku box ..Do you have one ,and what do you think??
  48. Rag Purse
  49. Doll 166 in time for Christmas
  50. Cutest pine cone ornament
  51. Finding bookmarks on an IPad after upgrading to ios7
  52. Jewellery and Chlorine
  53. Quilting business website
  54. VIP In Afghanistan
  55. Are you stocking up on light bulbs?
  56. Minecraft Stuffie
  57. Home Depot discount
  58. Johnny Trigg Yankee Swap Gift
  59. Christmas Music You Don't Want To Miss
  60. teacher ideas for bag
  61. Im jumping with joy
  62. Our 19th Grandchild Merry Christmas
  63. Xmas Pillow - Dachsund
  64. Holiday Music
  65. Sweet Dreams Pillowcase
  66. How Do You Save the Growing List of Usernames and Passwords?
  67. I am a great aunt again!
  68. Why do I try to do so many things?
  69. Stay safe this Christmas…
  70. What is your best Christmas memory from childhood?
  71. What's your favorite thing about the Christmas Season?
  72. Any good ideas for a CLEAN funny gag gift for family gift exchange?
  73. All I Want For Christmas
  74. Funny date over here today: 11.12.13!!!
  75. Somewhere I have found...
  76. Who knows what this is?
  77. Do You Belong to Any Other Boards (Doesn't Have To Be Quilt Related)?
  78. I Love Online Shopping!
  79. Christmas dress for GG-Daughter (s)
  80. How cold is it?
  81. Retired---What Is Your Day Like?
  82. Christmas Stockings
  83. Anyone from New Zealand
  84. my lonely lil soldier
  85. Nominate this season's worse tv commercial
  86. How's things at your house?
  87. Scrapbookers please help
  88. Leather boot care?
  89. If you belonged to QB in Aug. 2011.....Help
  90. Brrrr Really Cold Weekend in Orgeon
  91. Roku
  92. Thank you. Everyone
  93. Have you used Insul Bright
  94. Hello, Hello
  95. Quilt fabric Christmas balls
  96. embroidered postcards
  97. Important Christmas tree decorating question (NOT!!)
  98. Angels in my Garden!
  99. Pillows for Reading Time...
  100. FabShopHop Prize Winner
  101. Mending a knee hole in chinos - nothing is!
  102. Misty Morning Picture
  103. Yahoo Email?????
  104. Its snowing
  105. Pass Alongs
  106. Found thimble keepers/crochet
  107. Christmas Meldey Music
  108. Elf visits
  109. Share your holiday decor with us!
  110. quillow out of fleece throws from walmart
  111. folded squares on styrofoam
  112. UK Amazon Santa came early
  113. Face Book Page called Country Craft House
  114. Because prisim99 asked
  115. Nelson Mandela RIP
  116. Getting my Christmas presents tonight!
  117. A pickle in the tree?
  118. Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments
  119. dang, darn....and purple alligators
  120. Fruitcake
  121. What would you do???
  122. Rings
  123. Christmas music like you've never heard it!
  124. An old pin cushion
  125. HAVE to share!!!
  126. It's cold outside
  127. Is there an alternative to Word?
  128. Tip when mailing packages
  129. Embroidery fee?
  130. Christmas party today!
  131. How Do You Clean Your Wood/Tile Floors?
  132. Non quilting interests
  133. What is your favorite Christmas song and why?
  134. Patch workers living in Epping 3076 or surrounding suburbs, Australia
  135. Outdoor Canvas fabric
  136. Stabilizer question
  137. Pillow making - what's the secret re: corners?
  138. Do You Do Your Christmas Shopping At The Store or Online?
  139. Picture of Peanut
  140. Please help me!
  141. life of Riley? ... is Riley a sea lion?
  142. Sewing machine - the essential sports equipment
  143. teddy bears
  144. having fun using left over fabric for pillow cases
  145. Little Drummer Boy.........A Christmas song
  146. A Must See
  147. Christmas music...lovely free online stream
  148. It's time for our "Adventskalender"
  149. Trip to U.S.A.
  150. Our darling King Charles dogs
  151. fun...put on headphones and listen
  152. War eagle!
  153. December Weight Loss Adventure with a Prize!!!!
  154. Cats stealing dog's beds...
  155. who's shopping, who's sewing today?
  156. Deer Hunting or Crafting
  157. Did you work in a 'sewing' factory in your hometown? Tell us a story.
  158. I am too excited to sleep!
  159. Pillowcases
  160. finished my apron project
  161. Want a pillow cover
  162. Mommy and Baby
  163. Ain't it the truth!
  164. Pillowcase done for 2014
  165. Happy Thanksgiving
  166. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  167. Christmas Idea Crazy or Sane?
  168. Paper Pieced Thanksgiving Greetings
  169. Using cotton add-on to fleece throw help
  170. Happy Thanksgiving
  171. Happy Thanksgiving
  172. Knitting
  173. Another reason to give thanks
  174. Happy thanksgiving
  175. Future quilter
  176. Bag home parties
  177. Need advice please
  178. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  179. FabShopHop Prize
  180. Thanksgiving online radio programming...
  181. 2013 Thanksgiving Stor
  182. Deep fried turkey safety videos
  183. Mindset just to sew on Thanksgiving has to change.
  184. just wondering
  185. Wool fabric
  186. Taking a Couple Days Off
  187. I'm going to Paris- Harriet
  188. Who's cooking Thursday?.....NOT I. :P
  189. Thanksgiving travel
  190. Shamrock cushion Ver.2 Barn Owl embroidered pencil ketch
  191. Remember Snoopy pretending to be a vulture on top his dog house?
  192. Thanksgiving poem for my QBee friends
  193. Fabric stars
  194. iPhones-What do you like about yours?
  195. The Voice
  196. Close-to-the-body purse ideas please!
  197. looking for deborah j
  198. Another gift for my sister
  199. I took a class and I'm hooked on these...
  200. Need advice re: repair
  201. Serger Miracle
  202. more recent stuff I've made
  203. Embroidery stuff I've been working on
  204. Old Business Cards
  205. iPad mini w/retina display or Kindle HDX-which would be better for quilter?
  206. Hello...
  207. Glass 9x13" pan
  208. Lap full of pups!
  209. non quilting use for batting
  210. Macy's Parade here I come. Fabric shops too I hope.
  211. Thanksgiving outfits for my DGD's
  212. How to attach elastic so fabric will gather for a scarf?
  213. Send a soldier a Christmas card
  214. Did you know this about epi pens for allergic reactions?
  215. Good Movie: About Time
  216. Appliance shops in Canada
  217. Cold in Oregon This Morning
  218. Good movie or tv show for quilting
  219. Snow/Slett and Ice Storm
  220. Perfect Sewing Machine
  221. Lots of holiday projects
  222. Life as a Turkey..
  223. My blue and white
  224. head scarf
  225. My Pusscat recommends Janome Gem
  226. Re-sizing a rug
  227. home security
  228. Rhonda Woodsmall project
  229. My Great Grandson!!
  230. Life with a cat
  231. does your CAT snore???
  232. Harmonica Man
  233. What's been keeping me from quilting...cuteness alert
  234. spools of thread garland
  235. Do you post on other quilting boards?
  236. Shower Curtains
  237. New bibs for the little ones!!
  238. 1600p quilters
  239. Little boy and his pup taking a nap
  240. New grandson
  241. Secret Santa
  242. Free digitiser
  243. Free 19" doll clothes patterns
  244. Long Cruise
  245. My sweet grands!
  246. Left-Right by Vickey Stamps
  247. Who is Red John?
  248. What are you having for dinner tonight?
  249. thin Boxes for mailing needed
  250. Silk Pillowcases