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  1. race day!
  2. Local Quilt store
  3. Just saw The Hunger Games movie
  4. How times have changed
  5. Barn Quilts..
  6. Panity liners pattern
  7. Groundhog
  8. When I'm an old lady
  9. One more cross stitch
  10. Did you vote for Jessica?
  11. Another Passion of mine besides quilting...
  12. Newest skirt for my DD
  13. Mother's Day Card
  14. I had such a strange, strange dream last night
  15. Now how am I supposed to sew?
  16. Making bow ties
  17. Scrapbooking Supplies in Shipshewana, IN--recommendations?
  18. losing weight
  19. Another cross stitch design
  20. Bronxville, New York...anyone?
  21. Back on the board
  22. found bird nest
  23. Please BEWARE
  24. Changes to Blogger for those who have blogs
  25. A little thing that brightened my day - - -
  26. Breeding will tell...funny!
  27. Retirement....what state and why?
  28. Duck Rescue from a Roof -
  29. Praise to my hubby
  30. Have people gone totally over the deep end???........
  31. trying to figure the pattern for the Babyville diapers
  32. Hey, when you need a taco, you really NEED a taco!
  33. What is your Dog really thinking?
  34. An early Happy Mother's Day
  35. RIP Maurice Sendak
  36. Another Ole joke!!!!
  37. DH thinks I'm hearing things
  38. what stores recommended: Phoenix and Tucson
  39. I Rescued A Beauty!
  40. Africam - Cheetah Momma and babies
  41. Didn't someone mention this before?
  42. Great day yard sale shopping!
  43. about OLD perennial gardens
  44. disappointing day vending at a craft fair
  45. Anybody lose their exotic" cat? Too funny!!!
  46. Pillowcover
  47. Not a quilt but good
  48. Need Suggestions for Removing Smell/Odor
  49. Another set of American Girl doll clothes
  50. The other side of green grass!
  51. Happy Birthday, Ditter!
  52. help identify this work
  53. Great Sadness in Texas
  54. Today and Tomorrow
  55. Who has found odd things in packaged food?
  56. CraigsList
  57. Adventures of the Quilt Inspectors
  58. A Piece of Peace
  59. iPad 1 and iPad 2
  60. DH's form of quilting in wood!
  61. Sauder's
  62. Yummy new treat
  63. If you need help with posting/pictures
  64. New & Facebook phishing scams
  65. Have you seen the red admiral butterfly migration?
  66. How do you do that?
  67. four babies
  68. The Blessed Miracle of Conception and Delivery
  69. Too funny! "A Happy Ending."
  70. Who do I think I'm fooling?
  71. Do you Knook???
  72. Fur Babies
  73. Flu going around
  74. Animal Shelter Apron Donations
  75. Visit to the Vet
  76. Looking thru a new pair of glasses...great video pick up!!!
  77. Marshmallow Bunny Pattern - very cute
  78. Thrift Store Shoping
  79. This Years Birthday Cake
  80. Majestic MACAWS
  81. Have an engineer and/or cats in the family?
  82. Harbour Freight does it again
  83. Grandson's First project
  84. MAY 2012 Weight Loss Adventure With A Prize!
  85. Be there or be squared handkerchief skirt
  86. Anyone else addicted to their iPod?
  87. Sitting by the bay
  88. Love this puppy story
  89. Spot the Quilts!
  90. address bar
  91. Your Accent..........
  92. It's finally going to happen!!! Hello Fl!
  93. any ideas? what am I?
  94. Any Beagle lovers?
  95. My B-Day present!
  96. Mother's Day is coming
  97. I'll Use a Corn Tortilla
  98. Do you Spring Clean ?
  99. At least this can't get a virus...
  100. Fabric At Wal-Mart
  101. that internet service/FBI thing
  102. WORDS TO VALUE - It was sent to me, I'm paying it forward...
  103. The Platinum Rule
  104. What is your favorite washing machine?
  105. Betty White's show
  106. I can identify!!!!
  107. Fishing license free
  108. Juicers??
  109. Ties that Bind Us ..
  110. Retarded Grandparents
  111. Thrift Store score!
  112. Salt Lake City
  113. 2 New/Used yard sale finds
  114. Anzac day
  115. quilt designs in snow
  116. Finishing Seams--Machine Attachment Regret
  117. Great Prices On Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
  118. Free Ebooks
  119. A quilter's brain
  120. Bake Sale
  121. My new avatar
  122. Rearranged my sewing room and upset some birds.
  123. Mama's birthday gifts....
  124. Web site to check out!!
  125. Well, Welcome to New York State's Second Winter
  126. Do you know what these are?
  127. DGD needed a new dress
  128. Help With Fabric Repair
  129. Holy Humor...Sunday funnies!!
  130. Books for Ipad
  131. ???? I can't think of a name for her.
  132. You are underwater.....beautiful video!!!!
  133. Corky
  134. Umbrella Pattern and form
  135. A real woman
  136. Rose's for You!!!
  137. Needy
  138. Ole is back!!!
  139. Smart phones.
  140. Not about quilting, but have a question
  141. More of my Barbie projects.
  142. My excerise plan!
  143. Help with "pieceful expressions" overall bib pattern
  144. Look at this amazing Chinese Pinterest board
  145. FBI warns of Internet Blackout July 9th
  146. Ipad or laptop and why?
  147. Just barely made it out of the room...
  148. Kindle Fire
  149. Victoza
  150. Bankruptcy
  151. Kimono Baby Booties
  152. The Butterfly
  153. How big are we really? The grand scale!! Interesting
  154. Yard sale find
  155. Sewing Emergency Project:
  156. Itchy Bug Bites
  157. Arizona - A man just won 5.7 millon
  158. Who would you like to sing to your machine.
  159. Fire and Ice"
  160. Nettie Dolls made with rag rug strips
  161. We will always remember...
  162. questions about google friend connect?
  163. scavenged treasure
  164. Any must see suggestions for Tucson to Moab UT
  165. A joke from today's MO Star Quilt Co, email
  166. shipping tomato plants
  167. Osteoarthritis of the knee. Best treatments/ideas you know of?
  168. Shampoo Warning
  169. Bits and Pieces and some Chit Chat
  170. R.I.P. Dick Clark
  171. Raiden and Bella Easter picture
  172. Don't you love Maxine!
  173. $5.37 - funny
  174. Need Info about staying in Las Vegas
  175. An odd request
  176. Want Ideas on getting a pet for a disabled Parent
  177. Anyone own a Silhouette Cameo?
  178. Misses sizes in stores
  179. Chicago Quilters, Question About Your Weather
  180. Nook Color
  181. Baby Fever
  182. In the USA again
  183. Williams-Sonoma store scent.
  184. Have to show you my new baby bunnies!
  185. Snow -- on April 16 -- two years in a row!
  186. We're on the llbean website!!
  187. I love the General Chit-Chat section
  188. Laughed so hard I fell off my chair
  189. Nancy's Warehouse Sale
  190. pattern for baby sleeper
  191. Just had to share this funny:
  192. OH, Puns Galore!!!
  193. ♥ Craftybear 31,000 posting today
  194. Crab legs anyone??
  195. turkey
  196. Sprayed with colorless orderless gas???
  197. How much stuff do other snowbirds lug back and forth
  198. My hubby's a keeper
  199. Dollar Store Hand Lotion
  200. Sewing Denim
  201. Very Sad Cat - Any Suggestions?
  202. Bessie...funny!!!
  203. Granny Square Baby Blanket
  204. It's mine and I'm not sharing, need a laugh?
  205. Why do people mention ongoing auctions they want to bid on?
  206. Rare Occasion
  207. Isn't that odd?
  208. Acryllic Nails - how long have you had them?
  209. From the Mouth Of Babes....funny!!1
  210. Tornadoes and a pot of
  211. Looking for a split skirt/culottes pattern in plus sizes...
  212. A Dog's Seeing Eye Dog
  213. How to clean the toilet without using gloves!
  214. Pinch pleat draperies and sheers
  215. Purse/Tote made from Vera Bradley placemats and napkin
  216. Sewing head scarves for mom's chemo time
  217. t shirt transfer --help
  218. I miss quilting!
  219. pinking shears
  220. Wanted to share: Outfits for DD's birthday party...
  221. Keep your fork
  222. Cozy Spot for Quilt Inspector
  223. lables
  224. dolls 97 and 98 for VERY sick kids.....
  225. Grocery Bags
  226. Why you DO NOT test while walking!!
  227. Have you noticed?
  228. Would like your opinion...
  229. My asparagus patch has awakened
  230. How to Rug Punch with the Oxford Punch Needle
  231. My Grandaughters
  232. The Miracle of Birth
  233. Newest Donation to Indiana Women's Prison
  234. Which am I missing? (Hand-embroidered dish towels.)
  235. Are There Any Experts on Printers Here?
  236. School Bus Driver Saved By Teens -
  237. Salt Lake City
  238. Crocheted rag rugs
  239. Machine Embroidery Experts, I have a question.......
  240. America's Craziest Laws
  241. What to do???
  242. ? backsplash behind stove
  243. Matching Easter Skirts...
  244. My 'Lilys' new 'Beu'
  245. Does anyone know what happened to Nancy Rose from Life Is A Stitch?
  246. yard sale purchase fabric from Afganistan
  247. Happy Easter and thank you for the fur donations
  248. Quickest quilts to make...
  249. Happy Easter
  250. Easter Surprise