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  1. Sunday's Birthdays
  2. Going to Hawaii - YIPEE!!!!!
  3. KISS .... Un nouveau musicien pour le groupe??????
  4. Stick Man
  5. Jeff Foxworthy Pokes Fun at the Maritimes (Atlantic Canada - NS, NB & PEI)
  6. So Weird !
  7. Rose_P - New Fur Baby!
  8. Ideas for Red Hat Christmas Party games?
  9. Making patient gowns for Hospice patients
  10. Thank you!
  11. flash mobs - i love 'em
  12. Jade
  13. Thank You
  14. Jo-Ann's Grand Opening !
  15. Dear God: It's me, the Dog
  16. The new board IS EASIER to use, once you know is why...
  17. While the machine was in the shop.... I HAD to do something!
  18. Safty in shopping - tips for this holiday seasnon
  19. Saturday's Birthdays
  20. The prescription - funny
  21. Confused!
  22. I Bled On White
  23. SHORTCUT!!! QB New Topics!!!!
  24. Cursive handwriting
  25. Need help from Aussie friends down under, please!
  26. Signed papers for our new house!!!!!
  27. why is thread "closed"
  28. Are you a Yankee or from Dixie?...Quiz
  29. Knitting socks
  30. Grandpa gets audited.....funny!!
  31. Are you freaking out getting ready for the holidays?
  32. I need your help locating some pictures, please
  33. Size 0-3 month Christmas dress
  34. Firday's Birthdays
  35. Comparison chart of Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Ipad 2
  36. new pan liners
  37. while I was sitting in traffic .....
  38. Have you purchased a massage chair? What brand/model do you recommend?
  39. llamas
  40. Can someone help me delete my signature???
  41. It's a bit early but....
  42. Thanksgiving
  43. 1930's Reproduction Fabric
  44. Archives
  45. I trader page
  46. Genie Bra
  47. Giblet gravy
  48. Hotdog pillowcase Mistakes (whatch Out)
  49. Ticked off at myself
  50. What kind of small camera do you recommend?
  51. Where I've Been
  52. November 18 - Happy 5th Birthday QB!!
  53. Salvaging wool from clothing but what to do with the lining?
  54. rg bear this is for you
  55. Quilt Show Entries - What is Considered a Special Technique Quilt?
  56. Thought For the Day
  57. Anyone excited about getting the Kindle Fire today?
  58. Joke!
  59. Chicken Soup for the Soul - Quilt story
  60. New Way to View this board
  61. Thursday's Birthdays
  62. Anyone ever sewn a sweatshirt into a cardigan?
  63. Early Bird or Night Owl?
  64. I have the Best Quilt Inspector
  65. Snap Bags
  66. Christmas Cactus in Bloom
  67. The board made me do it......paper snowflakes
  68. Christmas Gifts
  69. computer crashed
  70. Is anybody watching X-Factor?
  71. Quilt Inspector Quilty Quality Controller
  72. Whats for dinner tonight?
  73. Name one thing you like about the new format for the QB
  74. Christmas Cards for Wounded Soliders
  75. A little funny
  76. Check your bank statement for new charges
  77. Looking for Pattern
  78. Not enough time!!
  79. Wednesday's Birthdays
  80. Have i told you lately !!!!!
  81. My Santa's!!!
  82. CAUTION -PayPal problems
  83. Goodbye Wedding Dress
  84. Qvc
  85. New computer keyboard- Love it!!!!
  86. Feeling a little lonely - joke
  87. Paying for Postage via PayPal
  88. Tuesday's Birthdays
  89. Teacher's report of grandson's school progress!
  90. quilting apps for Acer Tablet
  91. 5 Things You Didn't Know about........
  92. fabric diapers
  93. Fleece Boas! really easy!
  94. Pioneers in Kansas
  95. Another great mystery of life...
  96. Christmas party game ideas
  97. More Christmas towels
  98. When my dh starts noticing machine conditions
  99. O.k. - this board is psycic (sp)
  100. Yahoo, you win
  101. Reading Links
  102. ♥ Something to laugh about! ♥
  103. While walking in the woods
  104. Monday's Birthdays
  105. Looking for Gaby Valosovich
  106. I'm sorry .........
  107. BBQ's Who Knew
  108. The inspector!
  109. Polar Bear and Wolf - funny!
  110. Recipe section
  111. One Year Ago Today...
  112. Eden Pure Heaters - anyone use these?
  113. Members in Vero Beach area
  114. Lost her Board Name
  115. Old iron
  116. Sunday's Birthdays
  117. we have a new DGD, new car and 5 baby kittens and 4, 5 week old kittens.
  118. My first Grandchild
  119. 1 minute painting
  120. I really like this board
  121. Going to try and post a picture of a project I just finished. Hope it works.
  122. It's Saturday- Whatcha Doing ?
  123. Anyone from NW Arkansas?
  124. Best Iron to Buy???
  125. Christmas Towels
  126. Baked donuts from a cake mix?
  127. What does "thumbup" Mean?
  128. surgical hat pattern needed
  129. Have quilts to sell and can't post pictures
  130. I Think I've Made A Discovery
  131. Question regarding finding subsections?
  132. Caves - the other passion
  133. My first ever
  134. steam mop
  135. Quick Baby Shower Gift - Applique Onesie
  136. Blog Entries
  137. Saturday's Birthdays
  138. Bookmark help......(:
  139. What do your grandchildren call you?
  140. This is why you need sleep
  141. Super member, senior member, junior member, etc.
  142. Best phone call ever....
  143. When did you start losing your vision?? (no not the goal, the EYES!)
  144. Looking for a member in Galloway Ohio
  145. Brown Shoes
  146. Holmes County Road Trip!!!!
  147. Can you explain why.......?
  148. Anybody from Cleveland, OH area - southwest
  149. Thanksgiving is around the corner - I'm so thankful for this board...
  150. Sewing Scissors
  151. check out, what's new? on top
  152. My"Quirky" Dolls
  153. Got this much finished The tree
  154. Share your stories of the veterans in your life
  155. For those of you who have ceramic top cook ranges
  156. Help Please!
  157. Cant view photos
  158. Lookie, lookie what I got!
  159. Made Funny cake last night! mmmmmmmm
  160. Veteran's day
  161. Friday's Birthdays
  162. Trouble sending a private message
  163. Coats
  164. Nielson Diary
  166. Searching for board member: jaciqltznok
  167. My cousin-good news/bad news
  168. Posting Items for sale
  169. First snow of the season....
  170. Where is the list
  171. How can I post smilies again when I make comments?
  172. Only In NYC
  173. A Quick Stress Test...
  174. I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. What's The Difference?
  176. Power is back on!
  177. Tried To Post
  178. Save your threads and scraps
  179. Is there a way to just bring up the new topics of the day?
  180. Something I've never got from this forum! Hmmmmm!
  181. Long hair on cooking show hosts
  182. Lost quilt shop in Oklahoma City
  183. see you next month!
  184. Help! I am hooked on Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series
  185. Sticky residue on fabric-how do i remove
  186. A Joke
  187. Thursday's Birthdays
  188. I made these Christmas Ornaments....
  189. Dentists
  190. What did you do Wednesday ?
  191. Any Alaska Quilters out there?
  192. Help finding old post: Farmer v/s deer
  193. If you DON"T have a green thumb like me...gonna love this. And if you DO have a green
  194. Read any good books lately?
  195. Uploading pictures
  196. Wishing I Could Crawl Into My Sewing Room and Hide...
  197. Hats off to Patrice!
  198. Busy morning.....
  199. Why isn't the "Pictures" category in the Daily Digest?
  200. Sent DH to grocery store......
  201. If you loved the comic strip Family Circus...
  202. Its Snowing
  203. search function for old posts
  204. It is almost time for the Angeltrees.............
  205. My Topics
  206. Fabric Baby ball
  207. Kaffe sock yarn
  208. The Farmer's Almanac
  209. Wednesday's Birthdays
  210. Lynchburg, VA
  211. Olive Oil
  212. I have a challenge for everyone, not quilting....
  213. I miss Carol Duvall!
  214. Alaska is to get an epic storm
  215. A Frog
  216. I'm confused!
  217. if all else fails, read the directions!
  218. Pumpkin Pie!
  219. telemarket phone calls
  220. my miccrowave timer died- it's only 21 yr old
  221. new grand daughter
  222. Happy Birthday everyone!!
  223. What to do with those thread spools
  224. I'm looking for something from Joann's...Can you help?
  225. trouble using PM
  226. Need help for a name and I would like to make a game out of it
  227. cute animal Christmas video
  228. DO I owe you a strip & scrap bag??
  229. The ultimate dog tease
  230. What I've learnt on how to manuver around new site
  231. Newest Thread
  232. " My Posts"
  233. Why do i have to keep logging in???
  234. Ugly Christmas Sweater
  235. Tuesday's Birthdays
  236. Something to laugh at!
  237. I am curious
  238. A beautiful wniter in october
  239. My last nine days
  240. Feedback
  241. ...Only if you like puns! (funny)
  242. the weather in Oklahoma
  243. PatriceJ Rocks
  244. Spell Check Application
  245. Did you have a poodle skirt?
  246. So Happy Alot of you are Back
  247. trouble getting on activity page
  248. Machine Embroidery thread
  249. My machine has more than just a name now........ it has PERSONALITY!!
  250. Still having trouble here