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  1. Pictures of Fabric and socks that I have been dyeing
  2. Anybody in Japan?
  3. Shell Oil Comments-A MUST READ! - Safety Alert!
  4. Cute little "monster" I adopted at the beach :)
  5. This is Cute
  6. Joined Healthplex but...
  7. Wedding Dress into Barbie?
  8. Test
  9. Bicycling Jerseys
  10. Friday's Birthdays
  11. General Truths
  12. Chilly
  13. granny's crazy quilt
  14. Look who is new in the house? (1 week later)
  15. Your funnies for today!
  16. School Again?
  17. Hummingbird fight
  18. serger question
  19. Texting for Seniors:
  20. Oklahoma...
  21. Acronyms
  22. Thursday's Birthdays
  23. What is this part used for/called?
  24. Picture of Lightning
  25. lizards
  26. Choosing a watermelon
  27. Saturday's Birthdays
  28. Nylon flags and shredding??
  29. Nice surprise
  30. Only female hummingbirds at the feeder
  31. How to catch burglars in the act.
  32. Upcoming Quilt Shows
  33. shopping for items to use at a NON quilty place
  34. Feels like Christmas....
  35. Putting out thread and scraps for birds?
  36. Making a living from sewing
  37. HGTV Sewing shows?
  38. I LOST my sweet & cute Sewing Room
  39. Pin Cushion Made in a tall Sundae Dish
  40. Had to share
  41. A Cat With A Mind Of Her Own
  42. Pink dish towels with a granny touch
  43. What music do you listen to.....
  44. Do you cover your thread rack?
  45. How did you find this board?
  46. I'm finally getting brave
  47. "Frozen Shoulder"
  48. job interview??
  49. Husband is doing
  50. fabric wrapped around sewing machine heads
  51. moving to canada
  52. Pear time
  53. Estate sale Hamilton Texas Tomorrow
  54. Where To Buy A Good Pillow?
  55. Bad Day for Nails
  56. Love and Loyalty between a dog and a little boy
  57. Question about the AccuQuilt dies
  58. Really need some help, please....
  59. 2 good things happened to us today
  60. Project Runway Play Along Challenge #2!
  61. Anyone have the new brother PR1000 Embroidery Machine
  62. Mystery yardage...
  63. Use for old sheets?
  64. I'M RICH!!!
  65. another.... How Hot is IT
  66. Do you prefer strawberries with cool whip or with vanilla ice cream?
  67. First day of school
  69. Help me with my NEW sewing room please
  70. Looking for miracle cure for poison ivy???
  71. DeColourant color remover..have you used it???
  72. Any pros or cons on a Handi Quilter II?
  73. What animals do you have?
  74. What degrees do you hold?
  75. I may shoot myself
  76. Thinning hair
  77. Uploading pictures from an ipad
  78. 40 Years Together ...
  79. I Met Some More Members and Forgot My Camera!!
  80. Best Kitty Litter?
  81. Help with pay pal
  82. Why it is so hot in Texas
  83. Video of "silent monks"
  84. Bow Tuck question
  85. Tuesdays Birthdays
  86. Project Runway play along Challenge #1
  87. Casey by window.
  88. Wear gloves to prevent burn
  89. Name the Quilt Block Quiz
  90. What would you like to do or experience on a vacation this summer?
  91. I have an announcement to make...
  93. Anyone read "Diabetes Without Drugs" by Suzy Cohen?
  94. Fabric for MOB dress
  95. New Phone
  96. exercising
  97. initials
  98. Tips
  99. ISO - Where to buy parts for antique singer sewing machine
  100. What do you buy online?
  101. World War II: The American Home Front in Color
  102. Im going to be an Aunt!!!
  103. How my Shepherd spends most of his day
  104. Picture for np3
  105. Need Suggestions
  106. Moose Camp (Joke) :)
  107. A well tested quilt
  108. Directions....
  109. anyone ever done a hot air balloon ride?
  110. Ignore the Parrot....Funny
  111. Looking for a topic posted yesterday about selling....
  112. Wednesday's Birthdays
  113. help with Avatar!
  114. What is a Grandparent? by 8yr olds
  115. Funny--Grandparents Answering machine
  116. Military families?
  117. My 2nd fabric basket with tons of "bling"...please help me decide...would this work as a raffle item or gift it as originally intended
  118. Some mechanical skills required.
  119. A romantic walk question!
  120. Texas Heat.......
  121. Would like help in finding a retirement community........
  122. T-Shirts
  123. Dear Dogs and Cats
  124. YOU could have unclaimed money or property!
  125. replying to 75+
  126. Kona Muslin @ JoAnns?
  127. Ya gotta love us Texans....
  128. Looking for Linda
  129. Mailing package
  130. JOANNS coupons to print??
  131. <<>>
  132. Holiday Inn retirement funny!
  133. I -pads
  134. Cats
  135. Removing "Quilt Testers" furr!
  136. Need Help locating a previous post
  137. Tutorial for making a fabric basket is done!
  138. Other "Military" Moms will understand
  139. WHAT is up with the bow tuck!?
  140. Broken light bulbs
  141. Love hummingbirds? Take a look!!
  142. changed avitar
  143. have you noticed....
  144. Rain at last!!!
  145. <<>>
  146. going on quilt cruise
  147. a rainbow in the middle of the storm..
  148. I'm a Great Grandmother!
  149. Pioneer Woman website today
  150. Thy quilt is coming!! FUNNY
  151. Chinese Bee Pollen?
  152. Storing old pictures, newspaper clippings, certificates etc.
  153. London riots
  154. sewing for Americans
  155. Ipad
  156. cant find post
  157. Over 75-How do you stay active and healthy
  158. Iron on transfers
  159. Need help cleaning crock pot
  160. Weber Q Grills
  161. Can someone near Philadelphia help me please??
  162. Kokomo, Indiana area quilters
  163. Question on heated rice bags.......
  164. Help with Business Name
  165. Inspiration
  166. I've been busy today
  167. It just occured to me.
  168. Cute joke
  169. Couldn't resist this
  170. gyno visit
  171. Storm coming in
  172. Help for a broken toe
  173. For those of you suffering from the heat, not sure if this will cool you off, but so nice to watch!
  174. help/hinder, call it what you will
  176. Lancaster, PA
  177. Anyone know how to make a Tutu
  179. Anyone going to Weight Watchers
  180. Ad's on QB - the strangest thing!!
  181. Singer Sewing Machine
  182. How to remove smoke smell after fire?
  183. Yay!! I got "regular status" today!!
  184. Aluminum foil uses (new to me!)
  185. TA-DA!!! My 1000th post... Can you tell I spend too much time on here???
  186. Balance cushion for sewing
  187. baby squirrel
  188. I won a prize!
  189. tv remote says 'Locked' -why?
  190. Do You Reply To Posts, No Matter How Long The Thread Is ?
  191. Fantastik Quilting
  192. Finding out what first grand child will be
  193. Please send to Texas
  194. Plastic Canvas Crafts
  195. Don't know about you, but I'm ready for winter
  196. Is your post office closing?
  197. I Remember when
  198. Monday's Birthdays
  199. Color Catchers really work!
  200. I am having a wonderful day!
  201. I'm at my sisters now...update
  202. Is this like Steinbeck wrote about in "Grapes of Wrath"?
  203. High winds, downed tree, hole in roof and broked rafters. What more can go wrong??
  204. It's raining!!!
  205. Has anyone had to deal with
  206. Saturday's Birthdays
  207. Hobby Lobby
  208. In RE; Ramifications of drought Texas-Oklahoma
  209. Our first Great Grandchild
  210. Transfering pictures/PDA updates
  211. Did any of you have a HOPE CHEST?
  212. Hostess Gift?
  213. My gardening buddy
  214. Its been so long..I've forgotten what it looked like...
  215. postings
  216. playing with all my sewing machines.
  217. fleas
  218. Am I the Only One Who....
  219. Need suggestions for a winter holiday getaway in the US
  220. Covered Bridge Festival, Indiana
  221. How do u bookmark?
  222. Fabric for tuxedo
  223. Any one going to Georgia Quilt Show in October?
  224. Is she blonde?
  225. New Puppy
  226. Yesterday
  227. My Elna was stolen
  228. Up to 75% off fabric
  229. I survived the longest yard sale!
  230. My 6th New Baby
  231. cleaning and organizing sewing room update.
  232. What is This?!?
  233. Number One Seller for Fall Craft Shows coming up
  234. Anyone allergic to fabric?
  235. I thought she was kidding me
  236. can you freeze zucchini
  237. An old farmers sage advice!!
  238. Elm Creek Quilts Question
  239. question about wedge shoes
  240. Hymns-Thanks
  241. help finding a post
  242. I picked dinner from the garden today
  243. How to wash your clothes (in case you don't know)
  244. I had to rescue my rotary cutter
  245. The best thing about vacation in Louisville, Ky.
  246. Finally able to sit a few minutes.
  247. The New Sinatra
  248. Sunday's Birthdays
  249. My 1st Anniversary
  250. Woman and a Fork...