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  1. eye glass case pattern
  2. Inexpensive way to clean a leather jacket?
  3. JOKE: Learning to Cuss
  4. Gas Prices
  5. Where might I find shoe soles?
  6. Now we know where Fergie's daughter got the idea for their dresses...
  7. Dress Patterns
  8. Bruises
  9. bow tucks problem
  10. It's Raining It's Pouring
  11. It's Ditter43's Birthday!
  12. squirrels
  13. My Mothers Heart would be appreciated!!
  14. the babies
  15. My mother's day gift: I'm gonna have a second grandbaby!!!!!!
  16. Hummingbird pictures
  17. turtlerouge's turtle
  18. Camisole pattern?
  19. wanna see an owl? My son is holding it!
  20. Gardening
  21. Today's Birthdays- Wednesday
  22. Today's Birthdays- Thurs.
  23. The Poodleskirt Project (for Musical Festival)
  24. Cute: for us fur baby parents
  25. funny
  26. What a wonderful story.......
  27. New prize
  28. Sorry for the double post.
  29. Look What I Found!!!
  30. To all the furbaby moms....
  31. Craft Clutter
  32. Denim Bags
  33. Quality
  34. my little "SMURF"
  35. The organist
  36. SMART fortwo you have one?
  37. Mom and Dad Taking the Children For an Outing!
  38. Anyone bought a new car lately?
  39. My town is so small....
  40. When it Rains, it Pours
  41. Quilt Trail Gathering
  42. Have to share a funny lol
  43. Happy Mother's Day - post a picture of your mom
  44. I hit the 600 mark yesterday...!
  45. me n my hubby
  46. 35 years later . . .
  47. Funny Story!!!!
  48. Aphorism: - A short, pointed sentence that expresses a wise or clever observation or a general truth
  49. Has this ever happened to you?
  50. Memphis, TN Great Flood of 2011
  51. I was thinking a scrap quilt is a lot like tree rings....
  52. He has a girlfriend!!
  53. can you re-use the color catchers?
  54. Simplicity Serger
  55. Missing Mom
  56. Quilting
  57. Signatures
  58. Raining in Texas
  59. From thrift shop to this
  60. Been Real Busy in April and start of May!
  61. Jelly Beans.. how do you eat yours??
  62. Width of message page
  63. Getting odors out with vinegar.
  64. Reply/Quote Reply on posts
  65. Social security disability
  66. Tell me about Ocala Fl...
  67. May is National BUDDY POPPY month.
  68. Wait a minute... what did mom really say?
  69. Talks with my grand-daughter - 4 year old....
  70. Shout Color Catcher
  71. Eagle Scout
  72. Simple home remedies and tips!!
  73. plastic sacks
  74. Social Studies Post Card Project...HELP please. (Updated)
  75. How do you carry your handgun?
  76. Advice please!
  77. Today's Birthdays- Tues.
  78. dishware suggestions
  79. New ways of using old crocheted items...
  80. Snuggly Warm
  81. Our friend's dogs are too rowdy
  82. boisterous kitten needs help
  83. If you like music....
  84. We have power!
  86. What do you want included in a "for sale" ad?
  87. Household Medications for Pets
  88. crocheted 'scrubbie'
  89. Want to do lunch?...funny!!!
  90. Church Ladies with Typewriters.......very funny!!!!!!
  91. What I would like included in a "wanted" ad
  92. ordering flatrate boxes from PO
  93. Just a little something funny.My husband appreciated it.
  94. Antique Alley Highway 11 Yard Sales
  95. Speaking of long stockings - - -
  96. Source for Linen Dish Towels
  97. I haven't been quilting for awhile because....
  98. Melanoma Awareness Month
  99. My avatar...
  100. Baby Mockingbird: out on his own
  101. How do I prevent bed bugs?
  102. Finally some nice spring weather
  103. DH needs a new weedwacker
  104. The Flower Show....Funny!!!!
  105. Does anyone read Harlequin books?
  106. New Family Member
  107. Couldn't Find Where to Post This Question
  108. West TN & the Mississippi
  109. It's Good To Be A Woman
  110. Need a new quilt for me.
  111. Embroidery Office Software wanted
  112. iMac computer
  113. Thrift Shops... Gotta love them!!
  114. New Project Before and After
  115. Joke of the Day
  116. Time in a bottle
  117. Today's Birthdays for Monday
  118. Things my mother taught me
  119. Happy Mother's Day
  120. What does it mean when a topic is locked?
  121. Just want to say thank you
  122. turtlerouge's dog
  123. Good Bye Mom (joke)
  124. My Daughter's Drawing
  125. race for the cure
  126. I know this is not a hummingbird?????
  127. Jack will wear stripes and have a number
  128. May I ask a hat question here?
  129. Hexagon Looms
  130. Thank You !!
  131. My 14.00 counter make over
  132. Post your HS Graduation Picture or one close to that date
  133. Cat and Featherweight
  134. Susan G. Koman 3-Day Walk for the Cure
  135. My house today.
  136. "Recipe for Baking a Cake with Your Child's Help"
  137. Happy Mother's Day!
  138. Hope Youre All Having A GREAT Mothers Day!
  139. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
  140. Looking for a nurse hat pattern
  141. Happy Mothers Day to all of you
  142. Today's Birthdays- Sun-
  143. my trade for quilting
  144. Happy
  145. Today's Birthdays
  146. Anyone know how to sew/quilt a cumberbun?
  147. New Addition to our family!
  148. MD Day
  149. Looking for my BGF from High School
  150. How about you?
  151. Two more of my babies...the furry kind
  152. The wash cloth story
  153. Hello
  154. H*A*P*P*Y***M*O*T*H*E*R*S***D*A*Y***E*V*E*R*Y*O*N* E
  155. Happy Mother's Day
  156. Happy Mothers Day
  157. Mother's Day
  158. turtlerouge's gift from lynnie
  159. signature
  160. Happy Mothers Day
  161. Happy Mother's Day
  162. Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!
  163. Remembering our Moms
  164. Mother's Day
  166. Men Can Fix Anything
  167. I Over Watered My Green Beans This Morning
  168. Music for Quilting
  169. Not a quilt: Cardtable Playplace
  170. kentucky derby
  171. Pella Iowa Tulip Time
  172. Walk with me by the water, worth the read...
  173. Need help finding a QB thread
  174. Hilarious Dog Video
  175. no gift birthday parties
  176. Mothers Day
  178. Small Power washer..QVC?
  179. Cart charges
  180. Quilting Shops around Gatlinburg, TN
  181. bad weather
  182. My Children's Childhood keepsakes: My ideas and yours
  183. Beautiful Poem - My Girlfriend Sent To Me
  184. Speaking of Hats...
  185. What's cooking tonight?
  186. How to delete a post?
  187. watched topics...gone...boohoo
  188. My yard sale treasures of the day.
  189. Remember Marilu Henner From Taxi?
  190. What to do with a sick Hubby
  191. Little Boys Shorts
  192. Happy Birthday Everyone!!!
  193. For those of you with Kindles...
  194. Mother's Day gift
  195. Internet television
  196. Here's what I want to make. What do I need to make it.?
  197. pain pump
  198. Facial Creams
  199. Today's Birthday- Sat.
  200. Where are the Bluebonnet Pictures?
  201. new babies
  202. When your dog wanders off - where does he go?
  203. purses/handbags
  204. Does anyone know why....Question about Paypal
  205. I need help please
  206. Is it Springy by you??
  207. does anyone know about antique buttons
  208. My Hat Won
  209. Here's to the Navy Seals
  210. E reader, I know this is not quilting related, it could be
  211. JoAnn flyer information please
  212. very important info to share
  213. Vacuum cleaner advice
  214. traveling to Denmark, Germany, Paris next month
  215. Jo Ann's visit today
  216. you Southern gals..or guys..plant identification please.
  217. Happy Birthday Everyone
  218. I am so thrilled.
  219. Owego, NY
  220. EBAY email
  221. hummingbird feeders
  222. Must Things to do and see in Oregon and Washington???
  223. Bartering
  224. Looking for a quilter in Hoover, Al. named Judy
  225. My helper
  226. I have just started going through boxes in our storage area and
  227. satellite internet
  228. Who was fired from Celebrity Apprentice?
  229. Virus warning at Google Images?
  230. Tornado Alley
  231. For you seniors-think back
  232. Happy Birthday to all of you
  233. Today's Birthdays Friday
  234. 'God's Masterpiece is Mother' By Herbert Farnham
  235. Giving speech tonight to Girl Scouts need it proofread
  236. Prom pictures
  237. this is my pupper
  238. A BIG THANK YOU to "craftybear"
  239. How can I find out how much a sewing machine is worth?
  240. An Actual Craigs List Personals Ad....funny!!
  241. Anniversary
  242. UPDATE on Lost Pup I found Sunday
  243. Today's Birthday- Thurs.
  244. baby
  245. Men Put Up Signs
  246. can you stand a few more royal hats?
  247. Anniversaries
  248. Thought I would share this
  249. The World's Most Expensive Flat Tire
  250. Trouble displaying pages on emb. website