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  1. Looking for Kindred Souls around Gonzales/Baton Rouge LA
  2. whirlpool tub
  4. what my sewing room looks like now
  5. Looking for Cindy in Texas
  6. Today's Birthdays
  7. Video to raise money for Queensland (Australia) floods
  8. grand daughter sewing machine
  9. Spring is in the Air and How I Know it to be True
  10. Build Courage For A New Project
  11. A pic for Dotty
  12. Missing everyone
  13. Husbands really don't listen
  14. Vacation Suggestions?
  15. My Lovely free find on CL yesterday
  16. A gift to you all From my grandson
  17. My baby girl
  18. FROGS!!!!
  20. Jeff Foxworthy on Minnesota -- funny!
  21. This will drive you crazy :-)
  22. long bobbin on a Singer treadle machine
  23. Help me name my new horse....
  24. My new house
  25. The Daffodils are out!
  26. Confessions of a Want-to-be Quilterę episode # 7
  27. Brrrrrrr!!!!!
  28. Inspector in Training Pic for Catlovers
  29. Empty liquid laundry soap and fabric softener cups
  30. EarthQuake in New Zealand!!
  31. news from Harvard - hormones in milk
  32. And on the 5th Day....
  33. Featherweight 221 Singer on Knoxville Craigslist
  34. Inspector to-be
  35. Girl Scout Cookies
  36. HELP needed from MIAMI Quilters
  37. Woman to Woman
  38. A Higher Calling
  39. Maya Angelou quote
  40. Jacket zipper
  41. Landscape photo = a quilting inspiration
  42. Chronic Fatigue Study Info
  43. Do you know the difference ?
  44. We Are Awesome!!!!!!
  45. Our newly adopted babies....
  46. Burned Biscuits
  47. Today's Birthdays
  48. Latest Old Spice commercial
  49. mammo scare...again
  50. Installing a New Husband - Humor
  51. A Visit to a Public Restrom or Why Women go to the Restroom in Pairs
  52. Hummingbirds and nest
  53. As if I don't waste enough time here!
  54. SNOW
  55. Ideas please for Senior Center fundraisers
  56. Still alive, just insanely busy!!!
  57. New Zealand earthquake
  58. Christchurch, NZ quilters: Are You OK?
  59. Putting things on the wrong board
  60. 80s Music Lovers!!!
  61. My Boston Terrier Grand Puppy Needs votes on FB
  62. ***GIRLFRIENDS***
  63. :( Jaycee :(
  64. Ole and Lena...funny
  65. 2 shirts for my husband.
  66. Earthquake in New Zealand.
  67. My fingers hurt!
  68. I am not a seamstress
  69. This is awesome!
  70. Because I am a Man.... Funny for the Gals here..
  71. Hi from Killarney!
  72. Power is Out...
  73. A plea for help from any Italians
  74. many, Many thank-yous
  75. Bargain!
  76. my room is making progress...finally!!!
  77. When DroPPinG Sewing Machine
  78. The doctor will see you now
  79. Discovery Launch
  80. Mini bow tuck & wallet
  81. quick question about plisse fabric.
  82. A Funny - A Real Woman?
  83. New Zealand
  84. Today's Birthdays!
  85. Dolphins playing in the water
  86. If you could go anywhere where would you go
  87. For those of you on FACEBOOK
  88. Walmart
  89. Last Shuttle Launch
  90. My DH is such a HOOT!!!!!
  91. mmm Learned to play strip BINGO last night...interested???
  92. This will drive you nuts!
  93. checking to see if emotiocons working
  94. budgets everyone
  95. fabric
  96. Amazing video everyone should watch!!!!
  97. The shoe box--funny
  98. No water, ugh!!!
  99. Lost package
  100. CAUTION!! American West Bank /Bed Bath Beyond
  101. e bay ?
  102. Today's Birthdays
  103. "POOP" history
  104. Sad news for Ami Sims...
  105. look what I found
  106. Why I have Kids!
  107. My Twins are 10 years old today.
  108. Question for anyone who has had a kid turn 18...
  109. going to gym
  110. Flat Rate Envelopes - Problem solution
  111. Buying Antibiotics Online-No Prescription
  112. A basket pattern?
  113. Can anyone tell me what this is
  114. total brain fart!
  115. My girlfriend sent me this
  116. Good Advice :)
  117. Very Strange! Try this........
  118. Back from Trip
  119. going on a cruise to V.Islands
  120. Hope this happens in my lifetime!
  121. who has multiple pets
  122. Spring flowers
  123. W*E*L*L*~~~they had a sale...
  124. How do you bookmark????
  125. question about moving pictures
  126. If You Didn't Watch The Quilt Hoarder.....
  127. Free Medical
  128. To our extended family in New Zealand
  129. Snowed in again..... :-(
  130. met West Australian quilters today!
  131. Tags
  132. Peter Walsh Quilting Stash on hoarder program
  133. WLS support group meeting!
  134. What would you consider a good price for hand quilting lessons?
  135. Taking a break from sewing room today.??????
  136. Links for free American Girl Doll knitting patterns?
  137. This is for Ditter
  138. USPS - Going Broke...
  139. Pork Chops
  140. While on the subject of restrooms...
  141. Energy audit/survey?
  142. oprah last night
  143. Wanna have a Pity Party??
  144. A lesson to be learned from typing the wrong email address
  145. Blanket
  146. SHISH~~~Don't Tell A*n*Y*o*n*E
  147. Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveller
  148. tothbrush rug
  150. Desperate Housewives
  151. "Enough Already" who watched the show?
  152. Hello to Austin, Texas
  153. Is anyone watching "Enough Already"
  154. did ya watch the quilt hoarder show?
  155. I just read Paypal is sending tax forms out
  156. Tubcutter
  157. Paypal
  158. Tomorrow!!
  159. CJOMomma is a bad influence -- part 2 (she is really bad, lol)
  160. Just wanna say thanks....
  161. Chemo Hats?
  162. Something you may not know
  163. crazy weather
  164. Southern phrasing....funny!!
  165. Mysteries and CRAZY Recipes!
  166. Daytona 500 and Quilting
  167. Men in Heaven!
  168. Okay, now I'm crying
  169. WOW we had a wonderful day today
  170. has anyone heard of A lliance for Affordable Services
  171. Snapshots of current ice storm
  172. N*O*T*E To Self...I am NOT...
  173. Neck exercises to do at the computer!!
  174. Try This Short Neurological Test
  176. Quite A Therapeutic "Band-Aid"
  177. How to get rid of dents in the carpet?
  178. What's the difference?
  179. I am tired!
  180. ❤❤❤Thank you Moderator, Patrice J for all of your hardwork❤❤❤
  181. It's -14 below right now!
  182. An inspiration..
  183. My Tatting
  184. I am not getting old - yet!
  185. Senior Texting Codes
  186. Pitty Pot Polly
  187. where did the sun/heat go???
  188. A Beautiful Light Show
  189. post office question
  190. What's with .......
  191. Adult Truths....
  192. Today's Birthdays
  193. Picasa Web Albums
  194. What state are you in
  195. Going to be really busy with Girl Scouts Cookies
  196. Retired? Not me
  197. Text Symbols you can just copy and paste
  198. Full moon warning!
  199. Does anyone else get re-directed to another website?
  200. COMPUTER help please
  201. I hate to leave good company, but....
  202. Humor..........
  203. It's The Final Count Down
  204. what do you like?
  205. One Stitch at a time by Melanie Chitwood
  207. Computer is showing NO WEB ADDRESS & NO RETURN button on top left corner
  208. Quilts have feet?
  209. this weekends project with pictures
  210. Smile and laugh for the day
  211. PETER WALSH~~~Quilting Hoarders Show
  212. Illegal to be happy?
  213. Not a HUNTING Dog
  214. coffee filters
  215. Bowl I bought from my Grandfather
  216. Thank you to those
  217. picture posting
  218. My dogs have such a hard life
  219. Rain
  220. want to find free classical e-books
  221. Got a Headache? Watch this!!!
  222. Pms and Gps?????funny!!
  224. Headaches
  225. Iris Paper Folding
  226. Today's Birthdays
  227. PM question
  228. You will Not believe this!!!!
  229. Tic Tac Toe Game to Play from your computer, free
  230. Fur Babies
  231. For all of you who LIVE WITH PAIN
  232. Did a member from Las Vegas send something to me
  233. A bedtime lullaby..........funny!!
  234. Todays Birthdays
  235. To Blog or not to Blog
  236. Cleaning for a Reason
  237. Funny from my dh......
  238. have to watch this!
  239. human planet
  240. I'm going!
  241. Why did you marry?
  242. Valentine Tea
  243. Hazel Quakenbush Halloween Witch
  244. sunset pic
  245. Do you keep any of the quilts you make that were supposed to be for charity?
  246. My Lucas' Homecoming picture. :)
  247. Microwave Potato Baker Bag
  248. How do you.....
  249. Foods to Avoid Feeding your Dogs
  250. My daughter's progress report