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  1. Today's Birthdays: basktcse Eagle Hawk farmerswife flipflop frugalfabrics gmafrog janecat k9dancer krlowe mtnmama siamquilter
  2. Old Wedding Dress
  3. Looking for a Small Purse Pattern using only one tie
  4. Ginger Rogers 92 and Great Grandson 29 dance
  5. When you have nothing else to do, try this. Or, something else to drive you nuts!
  6. Nobody Believes Seniors
  7. Thankfully I was wearing shoes!!
  8. Baby Rabbit
  9. why has this winter seemed so long and so cold
  10. Garage as a sewing room
  11. First day of spring??
  12. Sometimes I just shake my head.....
  13. Bumper Cars
  14. Harriet Hargraves Freshman Year Book
  15. Online Dating..Opinions.
  16. Walmart Again
  17. Paid my car loan off
  18. Denver is Guilty
  19. What Do You Believe?
  20. "Confessions" - The Family Episode #1
  21. DST
  22. Anyone else watch The Amazing Race?
  23. What is a resonable price for a viking sapphire 850?
  24. Housetraining a new puppy
  25. My DIL made a fabric necklace that makes regular tee shirts look all dressed up. .
  26. Why am I the One?
  28. Spring in Massachusetts
  29. I must swallow my pride and apoligize to some of the members.
  30. itchy hands
  31. Can't Sleep
  32. Ebay ad...they must be nuts!!!
  33. Just doodling-interesting
  34. A blondes cookbook......funny!
  36. Being a girl is not easy...
  37. safe sender list .....HELP !
  38. Today's Birthdays
  39. "New to me" machine
  40. A break from quilting
  41. Price of hamburger
  42. Want a drink with insect coloring?
  43. Project for Japanese Children
  44. Sweatshirt I made Grandson for St.Patrick's Day
  45. Calendar 3-21
  46. Machine Problems - The Rest of the Story......
  47. How I Spent my Birhtday
  48. how to make a slipcover for a small recliner
  49. cotton prices are starting to come down but
  50. Hide & Seek Eggs
  51. break from quilting
  52. Why I love spring...
  53. STC - (Senior Texting Code)
  54. Two dogs enjoying a resturant meal.
  55. Did you see the 80 year old Japanese lady rescued today...and she was wrapped in a quilt!
  56. Army Wives
  57. living in Australia?
  58. Selling clothing, accessories for 18" dolls
  59. Patience and Wisdom....cute
  60. birthdaygirl
  61. japan earthquake
  62. Happy Naw Ruz!
  63. My new Granddaughter
  64. what wou do?
  65. He's back
  66. Not quite a quilt but the repurposed wedding gown
  67. PayPal and taxes
  68. Knee replacement replacements
  69. Walking The Dog=True or Not, It's Funny
  70. Calendar 3-20
  71. I want to start a blog can anyone give me some
  72. OK, just when you think you have heard everything.....
  73. What would be a great beginner project for a 10 year old who would like to learn to sew?
  74. Interesting Info on where to do during an earthquake.
  75. Help - fundraising/sponsors for an athlete
  76. Proof that Men Have Better Friends...funny!
  77. My full moon
  78. Getting Older....thoughts to ponder
  79. Today's Birthdays
  80. Anniversary pix. w/Mt McKinley
  81. Doggy dining....funny!!
  82. Full Moon in Las Vegas
  83. Our Japanese quilting friends
  84. She made it!!
  85. Cardinal
  86. Keepsake Idea for Deploying Soldiers
  87. Visiting My husband in Indiana
  88. Owls Are So Popular!
  89. Anybody else an outage widow?
  90. Today's Birthdays
  91. anyone like watching the old Miss Marple movies
  92. Hard water stains.
  93. Thinning hair?????????????????
  94. Look what I found at a Goodwill today.
  95. Getting ready for spring ...
  96. Blood donor bonus!
  97. Went to a silent auction tonight what a fun night!
  98. Have to love a good nurse. (funny)
  99. Beautiful coat (2nd post)
  100. Finally Got a Day Off
  101. Beautiful coat.
  102. DGD's birthday bag NON-Quilting
  103. Animal Photos
  104. Afraid of St. Patrick's Day
  105. HELP! Ruined my couch slipcover!!
  106. Japan--before and after
  107. got have a sense of humor
  108. F*R*O*G~~~up close and personal
  109. Middle of the night thoughts...
  110. my new fur baby.........white boxer
  111. Putting a face to the name
  112. I Bought My Wife a New Washing Machine
  113. The Robins are back in Northern Michigan
  114. Today's Birthdays
  115. Heart attack info, NEW ASPIRIN/ Serious stuff, no joke!!
  116. Gotta Love Moms!
  117. Hello Spring!
  118. SPRING???
  119. Super Moon tonight 3/19/11
  120. missed the bus
  121. national quilting day
  122. Happy National Quilting Day March 19,2011
  123. do yoy think Grecian Formula will work
  124. Spring Cleaning
  125. Calendar 3-19
  126. embroidered shirt "curled up" after wash
  127. owners...
  128. I Came Home With TWO Girls.....but
  129. Back to the repair shop my machine goes...
  130. Hello Operator....funny!
  131. Up date to where to go in an earthquake
  132. Earthquake about 15 miles from me
  133. I made this dress
  134. Hillbilly Medical Terminology For the Layman...funny!!
  135. One reason to choose a cat for a pet....
  136. You can't fix stupid (too funny)‏
  137. Woke up to THIS!!!!
  138. Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little Leprechaun
  139. Ferrets in the Sewing Room
  140. Overlock, Serger,Coverstitch ????
  141. looking for the Quilt Shop that collects Box Tops for Education
  142. Happy Birthday, Magdalena!
  143. Is facebook fun???
  144. scams on facebook-fyi
  145. Help for Japan
  146. An inspiration
  147. Robins
  148. Non Profit Organization SHELTERBOXES help for Japan
  149. ladies we need to find a way to stop this eternal plucking
  150. I am back!!!!!
  151. Does Anyone Start There Own Flowers?
  152. Confessions of an addict.................
  153. Help! Need suggestion for mother's incontinence.
  155. Girl's Luncheon
  156. What I have been doing today! Boy am I poop already!
  157. Calendar 3-18
  158. Harbor Freight Tools
  159. Yahoo Mail???
  160. Enlarging Avatars
  161. Couple of Questions for anyone who has MVP Health Insurance
  162. Men's Restroom Mural....funny!!
  163. Will You give this to my Daddy?...please read
  164. Baby Moose Picture - Be Patient
  165. Six Boys And Thirteen Hands...the story of the Iwo Jima memorial
  166. My Son in Japan
  167. Green Beer & Bottles
  169. Do you use a pressure cooker?
  170. Another Customer support conversation.....funny!!
  171. New Baby.... Teacup Chihuahua
  172. Look how my baby girl has grown
  173. ISO scrapbook cookbook items
  174. Irish Toast
  175. Another false alarm
  176. The twins...
  177. to pluck or not to pluck
  178. Why am *I* in time-out?
  179. "quilting buddies"
  180. Irish Proverb
  181. Probably nobody else will find this funny!
  182. springtime in the desert
  183. Nancy's Notions source code for free shipping
  184. Mistake
  185. Happy St. Patrick's Day to my Quilting Friends Worldwide
  186. OK, what does YAY stand for?
  187. My Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast!
  188. Vegetable gardens and rodents/birds...advice please
  189. Here's wishin you a Happy St. Patticks' Day
  190. Have you ever pre-planned what you want to dream?
  191. Calendar - 3/16
  192. We Is Friends!!
  193. Church humor...
  194. SISTER'S
  195. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  196. Did I dream this?
  197. My wonderful grandson
  198. I had a blog interview
  199. Water, Water, Water everywhere
  200. Calendar - 3/17
  201. Local Sweetie Pie
  202. Today's Birthdays
  203. The two letter word...funny
  204. Is anyone else having this problem?
  205. "New" 201 today
  206. latest Goodwill find
  207. Sweatshirts for School Silent Auction
  208. Baby Set - School Silent Auction
  209. St. Patrick's Day
  210. Angels Among Us
  211. Got Alot of Work Done Yesterday!
  212. Public Speaking
  213. What is the temp where you live???
  214. Happy St. Patricks Day
  215. For all the Irish in us....
  216. Good Morning
  217. sewing cartoon for you!!
  218. Janome QS 2250 Sewing Machine
  219. Happy St. Patrick's Day
  220. Don't Forget The Animals in Japan Either
  221. Does Anyone Gro Their Own Sprouts?
  222. Looking for charity
  223. Question about "Fresh Eggs"????
  224. We have members who are becoming parents. Maybe we can help. What is your favorite boy and girl names?
  225. Scrapbooking
  226. Betsie is back!
  227. For St. Patty Day....funny!!
  228. New grand baby
  229. Today is Paczki Day!-Thus FAT TUESDAY!
  230. Mother Teresa and God
  231. The gifts I received today
  232. Are you proud of your state?
  233. update from my post back in November
  234. Nomination for Husband of the Week
  235. Frozen Crabs & the Blonde Stewardess...funny!
  236. Our PBS took off the last 2 sewing shows
  237. If you scrapbook you might like to see this mini album my DIL made.
  238. Alternative Treatment for Symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases
  239. Harry's Law
  240. Funny!!!!!
  241. I'll come back as a bear!....funny!!
  242. Memory Problems
  243. HELP!!! Amber Alert!!! FOUND HER!!! WOOHOO
  244. Computer Scam Warning
  245. Unbelievable private filming of Japan
  246. Friends in Japan, is there anything we can do?
  247. My Son Marcus
  248. Ever have a day that goes WRONG from the start?
  249. attn: if you use a cricut and use 3rd party software (make the cut or sure cuts a lot) read this
  250. Wall Paint