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  1. Watch the upper left corner (video)
  2. Senior Moment
  3. Laundry baskets
  4. Asking directions...really funny
  5. CLosed now.. Birthday gift goes to WolfKitty..
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  7. Why we miss Rodney Dangerfield....funny!
  8. To the person lokking to make play food
  9. Parke Co. Covered Bridge Festival Cone Thread
  10. Vacation Wildlife photos
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  12. vaulted ceilings? cobwebs? fear of heights? NO PROBLEM!
  13. My lack of manners
  14. I am curious.....
  15. Why Old Ladies Shouldn't Drink......funny!!!!
  16. Folding a fitted bed sheet and why?
  17. Proud of My Son Today
  18. Post your computer Tips & Tricks (Please post yours for us to enjoy)
  19. Latest picture of Bella Faith
  20. Apron Clips
  21. Its been a year already.........
  22. walker fun
  23. Sue P. from Rockvale, Tx...
  24. Pork Chops?
  25. My journey through India...
  26. Computers with no instruction booklet
  27. A section for jokes &...
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  29. Good News Reporting This Week
  30. Nice article for all of us Grandmother's
  31. Help with email problems
  32. Fall Classes for Women -- This is supposed to be funny.
  33. I DID IT!!!!!
  34. Do you make the gifts in jars Jar Mix Recipes (Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Mixes etc.)
  35. Susan G. Komen for the Cure fundraiser Video
  36. ??vegies and fruits for kids play shop?
  37. Chicken Wing Fabric - are these hot, medium, mild, BBQ...?
  38. live at swiss tv: cutting through of the longest tunnel in the world
  39. Will I get lucky??
  40. When something jogs a memory
  41. A thank you to Palmer
  42. Can you get quiltingboard on a cell phone???
  43. My husband is a keeper
  44. Birthday Gift for Grandson
  45. Thanks for the BD Wishes
  46. What do YOU do with bounced-back emails?
  47. Why are you in Hiding
  48. avatar
  49. Hi
  50. A few chuckles!
  51. Canvas Tote bags at Big Lots
  52. Woohoo....just landed a job!!!
  53. Anyone interpret dreams?
  54. Friendly advice
  55. Microsoft Word Ribbon Problem help
  56. What did you do on this beautiful day?????
  57. Top 5 users in the last 24 hours
  58. Grandson is here
  59. Virus Please read
  61. Babies and a new dress
  62. Happy Birthday brad3bunch BrendaH bunniequilter CeeJay100 Colbaltjars62 Ganma7 Hobbyhorse1027 lorils Matty160 mh2559 nana20010 quilterscorner Reader smhart
  63. ads
  64. Central, Indiana, USA it is now raining!
  65. Need ideas for gifts to go in advent calendar.....
  66. Weather in Washington and Oregon
  67. Magic Jack ( need advice)
  68. Dog lovers/trainers... Can you help?
  69. Does anyone use eCrater to sell items?
  70. Does anybody use a Zip'eMate?
  71. wondering why recipes and quilting seem to go together
  72. Who is the Browns Fan?
  73. Phone calls
  74. Chilean mine rescue
  75. Live Video on Chile Rescue Miners and up to date notes & also on TV on CNN
  76. I am looking 4 a film
  77. Happy Meal Project
  78. A great surprise!
  79. Any one participating in the Homespun Twitter sale?
  80. Looking for Sue Page
  81. Drill gets through to trapped Chilean miners
  82. My Beautful Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter!
  83. News letter
  84. How To Sell Your Sister
  85. I lost my quilting foot for my Juki!!!!
  86. What do you call ............
  87. Shifting house :?:
  88. My lost block templates.
  89. Never too late in the day for a good laugh!
  90. looking for a small secret purse
  91. Radio Flyer - For those kids at heart
  92. check this out.... radio flyer car
  93. Help with Halloween costume
  94. a thank you from pinot
  95. sticky gunk
  96. a couple of funnies for our southern friends
  97. U.S. Navy Drill Team
  98. Thank you Rebecca VLQ
  99. Grandma's revenge
  100. A beach in Oregon
  101. Saving photo from a post?
  102. I got another one
  103. You just never know when you will make a connection
  104. Happy Fall..check out this pumpkin display!!
  105. Sunday's funnies
  106. TMJ and Tinnitus
  107. Aussie Big W
  108. where did "Piss Poor" come from?
  109. For All of You Animal Lovers
  110. Grandson
  111. Doin the Happy Dance....
  112. yeast and sugar free diet anyone?
  113. New healthcare Mammogram machine.
  114. New basset puppy
  115. A New Word Game with a Geographical Twist
  116. Sick Leave - a funny
  117. very concerned customer
  118. Cat is chewing hole in wall
  119. Happy Thanksgiving!
  120. Today
  121. Chase Bank Scam ALERT!
  122. Time Zones Around the World
  123. Moose hunting (joke)
  124. Do you have the time? Sweet story
  125. Pretty flower picture
  126. Weather Forecasts, just type in your city,state or zip code
  127. in a pickle
  128. A good for the soul
  129. Puns for Educated Minds
  130. Do you want to know the secret of using your EQ Software???
  131. Worst first date story ever....really funny
  132. Have you been to the Pumpkin Patch yet to pick out your Pumpkins? Tips & Tricks
  133. Going to Petaluma, CA
  134. I miss summer!
  135. Updated my Avatar w/pic
  136. Amazing Pictures
  137. Tools Explained (funny)
  138. Never shop without your glasses
  139. Ideas for Christmas Gifts.
  140. My quilting critic
  141. What went on on New Years Eve?
  142. Weight loss challenge with a prize......Sept sign up
  143. Men....funny!!
  144. My Drug problem, could it be yours too? !!
  145. Senior Road Trip....funny
  146. Kindle, Nook,E-Book
  147. A question About Alternate Methods for Posting Pictures
  148. Locked posts
  149. Were you a smoker
  150. Woohoo...thrift find of the day...
  151. A fall crafted butterfly
  152. Spanish Teacher talking about computers----cute!
  153. It's tough getting old
  154. What???? SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. camera media card not recognized now-can't load pics
  156. Stupid Cat!
  157. Postcards - Thanks!
  158. We need more Quilting Supplies
  159. Anyone from Alaska or Hawaii?
  160. need addy
  161. Click for free mamograms--Breast Cancer site
  162. Moving
  163. A question please?
  164. If you have a need for speed,.......
  165. Just When You Think You've Seen It All.....
  166. Gerber Baby Contest..Help by voting? :)
  167. If I ever have to have surgery.........
  168. Changing my email address
  169. The Lamaze class (joke)
  170. Have you ever been to Menorca?...if not well sit back and enjoy the tour!!
  171. Do you have a blog or blogs? If so post the link for us to see!
  172. What gets off soap scum and hard water off shower?
  173. Fruitcake Lady
  174. How Do You
  175. This is quite cute also
  176. We pay for T.V. service and nothing on
  177. Pictures
  178. So cute!
  179. What do you do when person doesn't receive the item
  181. Don't you just hate it when...
  182. I had lunch with dkabasketlady today!!
  183. Definition of Calories
  184. Christmas Gnomes
  185. paying with Paypal here
  186. Do you decorate for Halloween?
  187. What all the cool Elves are wearing this year...
  188. Today's Birthdays: cpup Kerri MissM Mrs_M oma2526 rosequilter SherriB Shirley H
  189. signature test
  190. when does it get to be too much?
  191. Donation
  192. Rude Awakening
  193. HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL...funny
  194. Hows this for a pension scheme?????
  195. Jokes that could be told in church...funnies!!
  197. Where is Abby Quilts?
  198. The Joke for me today
  199. To all that sent items to Penny Doty
  200. Happy Birthday
  201. Cooked-on grease on stovetop
  202. need more privacy
  203. And that's when the fight started....Lots of laughs
  204. t shirt neck ribbing
  205. thin nails
  206. New Baby, more pictures!
  207. First day of Fall?
  208. Does anyone on this board also sews (kids)clothing??
  209. Thank You
  210. How do you change your email on this board
  211. Does anyone do crocheting need help a with pattern
  212. Life changing events
  213. Daughter Moved Out
  214. vacation in the USA!
  215. Christmas Thanksgiving Easter
  216. I'm a quitter
  217. Dinner's in the crockpot!
  218. Just a reminder on my email
  219. Do you have tips for a garage sale?
  220. Finally potty trained my kittie. Laugh for the day.
  221. Lessons at school - a funny story
  222. Foot soak for Christmas gifts
  223. Iowa's weather was 3rd-worst
  224. Halloween Party....Saturday's funny
  225. Whodda Known That ....
  226. What I did today
  227. shifted stuffing
  228. soda pop and swelling in legs and feeet
  229. Remember to take care of yourself
  230. Politically correct descriptions of men!....funny
  231. Garage Sales, Rummage Sales Tips (Let's get organized)
  232. Air Show Collision
  233. So glad the rain is finally clearing out of here!
  234. Help to delete my classifieds
  235. musical whachamacallits
  236. Did ya ever...
  237. cleaning tub/shower of hard water
  238. happy birthdays members!
  239. Calling Michiganders for a foliage report!!
  241. How many have breast cancer
  242. Problems with JC Penney
  243. mammogram
  244. How about ideas for cleaning INSIDE of oven
  245. What kind of stain remover
  246. whats up?
  247. quilters exercise routine
  248. today is Sept 22 the 1st day of fall...............where???
  249. Acne is a bugbare
  250. Project Runway again