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Thread: Easy Peasy Strip Quilt

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    This is similar to fromthenestdesigns Jelly Roll strip quilt, but you can make this easily with strips from your stash. I have included the math you need to be able to make the quilt as big or small as you want! I have made this one a while back, but this is the only pic I have of it:

    LOL can't really see it!!

    Here is a link to the post about this on my blog. You can also find out where I got the idea for the quilt from in the first place! :)

    So this works in the same way as the jelly roll quilt in that you will cut a bunch of strips, all the same width, and sew them end to end. When I made mine, my intial strip pieces were not the same length, I just used whatever scraps I had around, making sure they were all at least the same width. You can sew them as a straight seam, or I chose to do mine with a diagonal seam as you would for non-bias binding.

    Once you have your big long strip, fold it in half and cut the fold. Sew this up one side and iron open. Then fold in half again, cut the fold, then sew up one side. Keep folding, cutting and sewing until you have your quilt as wide as you want it. My math below will help you decide how wide you want your original strips to be and also how long your first strip should be to get the size quilt you want.

    Here is the math you need to get the size quilt you want:

    First off, remember that your quilt will always have be 8, 16, or 32 stripes across when finished (unless you want to add more seperately on the sides). Let’s say we want 16 stripes. Next, determine how wide you want your quilt to be. So let’s say we want it to be roughly 60” wide. Now we divide 60” by 16 stripes and we get 3.75, that is how wide our strips have to be after seam allowance if we want a 60” top. So you would cut the fabric to 4.25” to account for seam allowance. Now you determine how long you want your quilt to be, so let’s say we want it 90” … to get how long our super long strip should be, we multiply the number of stripes (16) by the ending length (90”) and we get the length go our initial strip … 1440” .. So if we cut a 1440” strip that is 4.25” wide, we will end up with a 60Χ90 quilt.

    So to recap:

    You Choose:
    Width of Quilt desired = X
    Length of Quilt Desired = Y
    Number of Stripes Desired = Z (Must be 8, 16 or 32)

    Calculated using formulas below:
    Width of strips w/o seam Allowance = A
    Width of strips w/ seam Allowance = B
    Length of First Strip that is pieced = C

    X / Z = A

    A + .5 = B

    Y * Z = C

    Now go cut B sized strips and piece them together to form a length of strip that is C long, and sew as directed and you have your quilt!!

    Please let me know if that helps you and your readers!

    If your A (strip size w/o seam allowance) size is not a nice even number, you may need to change your quilt width by a few inches either way until you get a number you are happy with!


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    Oh this was a good tutorial!! Thank you. Had a good idea how to do this, buy the math formula really helps.

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    sounds like another one for the 'to do list' and wouldn't it be great as a Quilt as you go once you start sewing the strips together at the length you want the finished quilt to be.

    Sewn together and quilted at the same time!

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    Thanks for the tute.

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    Thank you!

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    Your blog is adorable.

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    Thanks for the tute... now to remember my algebra! LOL
    I have bookmarked this one... it's a keeper! :)

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    Thank you so much! Now I need to get a jelly roll and try it. I love that you included the math.

    I would love to learn to do the strip quilted star. You know the quilt that has 1 huge star and then borders and smaller stars on the sides? It looks like the fabric is cut in diamonds.

    Sort of like this picture

    Lone Start Quilt
    Name:  Attachment-55043.jpe
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    Hey Rachel - that is a pretty cool formula - Thanks for sharing!

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