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Thread: Embroidering design on sash

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    I have used the 505 spray for years, for emb. I use the 505 in the red and tan can, it is temporary spray.

    Now I made a tube out of card stock to fit onside of the hoop and then spray inside the hooped backing to keep from spraying my hoop.

    Then I place my garment inside the hooped area and sew. You can also un-hoop your sprayed backing and place your garment over the sprayed area and re-hoop. I have not had a transfer of spray on to the garment and my hoop stays clean and not sticky.
    phyllis nm

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    My sewing machine has lots of fancy stitches.
    I have sewed one of the fancy stitches down the center of a piece of sashing. Then I added parallel rows of other fancy stitches, say one on each side, for instance.
    The multiple rows of stitching make a new more complex design.
    Practice, with some fabric strips in various colors and threads with different lines of fancy stitches just to see what happens!
    If you use cornerstones, it makes the idea easier to use.

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    Thank you, Juliea9967, I am going to try that idea, sounds neat!

    This board is such a treasure of information and support.

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    Love the design. Sometimes the experts don't always know best. Embroidery on sashing is fairly easy, as you found out. Just make sure you allow for your 1/4 seams. Vining & scrolls do well on sashing also.

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    Looks really, really good to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purvissp
    I am making a quilt and wanted to dress up the 3 inch sash that I am using with some simple embroidered designs, but my smallest hoop is a 4x4.

    I went over to the sewing store speak to the “expert”. I told her how I was planning to do it and she promptly told me that would never work and proceeded to instruct me on a very intricate process. By the time she was done my eyes were crossed and I was almost ready to forget the whole thing. Another lady that happened to be standing there while we were speaking also had an idea for the process that she thought was a little easier. It wasn’t and now I am really confused.

    However, I am a little bull headed and walked away and thought I would try my original plan to see if it would work, what’s to loose?

    1. I purchased some Pellon 950F Fusible Backing.
    2. Came home cut my 3 inch sash strips and marked the locations for the embroidery designs
    3. Cut small pieces of the backing and ironed them onto the back of the sash strips in the location for the design.
    4. Placed the 3 inch sash strips in the center of the 4x4 hoops, with the marks for the designs in the approximate center of the hoop. I did not stretch them very tight in the hoop, just firm and flat.
    5. Placed the hoop in the embroidery machine and used the adjustment arrows of the machine to line up the start point right over the center of the mark.
    6. The machine started and did a great job.
    7. Repeated 4 and 5 until all my designs were on the strip.

    Sorry if I bored some of you more experience quilters, but I am just a beginner and this just thrilled me.

    I’ll have to go back to the store and show that “expert”.
    Can you remove the fusible backing. I would get some heavy or medium weight iron on tear away stabilizer & iron on your boarder, usin the width that will fit your hoop so that material won't move, finish it the same way. That way the excess can be torn away & no bulkyness left. I can't believe that the store clerk could not offer you an alternative as there are many out there. I love machine embroidery, so good luck & have fun. :thumbup:

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    I don't know what kind of machine you have but my viking has a hoop that does continuse embroidery too. I t is made especially for doing fancy stiches and embroidered designs on sheets and long objects.

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    So glad your idea worked. I'm like you, if I ask someone else and get no real help, I go back to my own idea and make it work!

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    Don't you just love it when you go ask the 'expert' and they say nope, can't do that.. so you go home and do it anyway!! Great..

    I think I would have embroidered, then cut my strips.. mark the strips, make where the embroidery goes, stitch it out... then cut..

    or I would have used some stick on stablizer in the hoop and just stuck my fabric to it to embroidery.. I use Florini stablizers and have never had them not do exactly what they are supposed to do..

    You did a great job, got it done and it looks nice.. hip hip hurray!!

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    I'm learning how to use my Brother Embroidery machine and this is a lot of help to me. Thanks for posting this and thanks to all who commented with suggestions.

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