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Thread: How to make a coiled fabric basket using clothesline and strips of fabric

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    As you can see from my avatar, I like making these too. Be careful, you will become addicted. I use up all of the left - overs from my quilts to cover the rope.

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    I found cottom clothes line at the Dollar General store.

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    good tutorial!!! I've got this particular project on my to-do list...someday, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by karenm36
    Well, here's my first attempt at a tutorial. Please bear with me...there are over 40 pictures that show the step by step procedure so it's going to take awhile to upload all these pics!

    With each picture there will be a caption describing (as best I can) what is occurring in each step. Hopefully the pics and written instructions working together will make things pretty clear.

    Please note that this technique is NOT original to me by any means! I purchased the book, "It's a Wrap...Sewing Fabric Purses, Baskets, and Bowls" by Susan Breier and used her method for making this basket.

    Overall, I have enjoyed the 2 baskets I have made. I will probably make more but be forewarned...if you choose to make one, it will take time! This is not a "quicky" project. Now if you make something like a placemat or coaster the project won't take long, but if you want a nice basket that you would use for yourself or give to a friend, I do recommend taking your time and enjoy the process (though it's a bit tedious) because in the end, the results will be something that you will be really pleased with!

    Best of luck to all who decide to try this! blessings, Karen
    Well, after being moved to chit-chat this tute has now been returned to the tutorial section. (A thank you to whoever did this, I do appreciate this!) I will continue to add pics and instructions and hopefully if you are following this all the steps will be here as I just have to add them as an additional post and not as a "new attachment".

    Once you get to within an inch or two of the uncovered clothesline, stop your machine with the needle in the down position and resume wrapping the line with fabric strips. If you find this too cumbersome, it is possible to remove it from the machine, wrap some line and then return it to your machine. The important thing is to remember at what angle you are tilting your basket so that it continues the shape that you are trying to give it.
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    Here you can see that I've got it at the position angle 3 where it's tilted as high as my machine will allow so that I can create the sides.
    Name:  Attachment-238884.jpe
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    Another shot of how the basket is starting to emerge as I continue to wrap the clothesline and adding coils. I continue to keep enough pressure on the bottom of the basket to keep the angle 3 position.
    Name:  Attachment-238885.jpe
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    You can see how the basket is taking a nice shape.
    Name:  Attachment-238890.jpe
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    How to splice and add more line: Put the 2 ends together overlapping about 1-2 inches and sew together. Then you will carefully cut the knobby ends off that probably have hard glue on them from the manufacturing process. They have that glue on there so they don't ravel. At an angle, cut the end off. Then I quickly add a little bit of fabric glue and apply pressure so that it doesn't ravel.
    Name:  Attachment-238891.jpe
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    This is where I wrap the cord to just before the joint and before I cut it at an angle.
    Name:  Attachment-238892.jpe
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    Now I have cut the end of cord at an angle and applied a little bit of glue. I am ready now to wrap over this end. I will do the same on the other side of the joint when I get there. I do wrap a bit more tightly here so that I try to minimize the bump from joining the ends as much as possible.
    Name:  Attachment-238895.jpe
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    This is what it looks like after the ends have been joined and wrapped. Just a slight bulge and still sews in just as easily when the coiling continues.
    Name:  Attachment-238897.jpe
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    I have now resumed sewing since adding the new clothesline to the end of the first one. At this point I wanted the basket to curve more so I've had to apply even more pressure to keep it up and angled as much as possible toward the machine. You'll discover that the shape of your basket may in part be determined by the bulk of your machine that's to the left of your needle. Fortunately, the basket is pretty flexible and can be gently pushed to get as much angle as possible.
    Name:  Attachment-238898.jpe
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    Just a little comic relief here...lol! My DH saw the basket and immediately thought it made a cool hat! HA!
    Name:  Attachment-238901.jpe
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    Now that I've got the basket the size that I want it I decided that I would bind it. (They don't have to have a binding added but since I figured this basket would likely get a lot of wear and tear, I decided to add the binding. BTW, before adding the binding...a word about tapering off the clothesline to finish your basket. You will anticipate doing this a few inches before the tape that is already on your basket marking where you change colors. You will end the clothesline at this spot as well. Starting just before the tape mark, gradually trim the clothesline along the length at an angle to reduce the bulk. Apply glue to the wrong side of the fabric strip and wrap the remaining clothesline very tightly until you are wrapping only fabric. Trim off the excess fabric. Hold the tail tight against the basket and using a stick or something like this, zigzag stitch it in place.
    Name:  Attachment-238902.jpe
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    To make a double binding, Cut a 2 inch strip of fabric and make it the length of the circumference of the basket plus about 6 inches. Make a 45 degree angle cut on one end and fold and press 1/4 inch of the angles end to the wrong side. Fold the binding in half lengthwise and press. (Refer to pic just before this one to see what this looks like). Once you've made this, you will align the raw edge of the binding to the upper outside edge of your basket. I started mine at the place where I changed all my fabric strips so that all that area would be considered the back of the basket. Starting about 3-4 inches from the end, straight stitch 1/4 inch from the edge.
    Name:  Attachment-238904.jpe
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    Sewing the binding on.
    Name:  Attachment-238905.jpe
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    Tuck one end into the end that has the 45 degree angle. Trim a little if need be to reduce bulk then finish sewing.
    Name:  Attachment-238906.jpe
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    The binding is on. Now I will hand sew it on to the inside to finish it. Do this like you would on any binding for any quilt.
    Name:  Attachment-238907.jpe
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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Book marked it:)

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    Thanks to you for the tute

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    Very well done -- thank you! :D

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    Your instuctions & pics are great.. TY for sharing!!

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    You did a great job on the tute. Thanks.

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    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I attempted to make one of these a few months ago...you're so right that it isn't a quick project as it might appear. AFter wrapping my clothesline, I began the machine work, but that's where it all fell apart for me; my machine misbehaved badly, so I finally gave up. The bobbin kept knotting up, causing the machine to "lock up." Reading your instructions makes me want to pull it all out and give it another try. By the way, your bowl looks really nice - thanks for taking the time to take all the photos and put this together for us!

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