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Thread: Pincushion and attached Scrap Bag tutorial

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    Super Member d.rickman's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    My first tutorial on Quilt Board - hope I haven't missed anything and you can follow along to make your own - took me an evening to make this one.

    Cut the following from fabric of your choice. I will show the colors I used so as not to mix you up.

    white muslin - 2 pieces 4" x 4" squares
    and 18" strip 2 1/2 inches wide you will trim to fit.
    10" x 22" for inside scrap bag

    Dark Purple - Cotton fabric - out of the same fabric 10" x 22" for outside scrap bag and
    18" strip 2 1/2 inches wide
    8" length - 1 strip x 1 1/2 inch for straps to attach from pincushion to scrap bag

    Light Purple - Complimentary cotton fabric:
    2 pieces 4" x 4" squares
    cut 1 strip 3" inches wide x 25" for top of bag and base for pincushion straps

    Wonder under or steam a seam 3 x 1 1/4" strips

    Coordinating threads

    Tye strapping - stores get from shipping crates, you can find them free at a Big Box stores - Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc., they throw them out.

    1. Lay the 3" strip of light purple right side up, press it, lay a 1 and 1/4" strip of wonder under or steam a seam on top.

    2. From the dark purple strip turn over the edge and stitch down 1/2", press the wrong side on top of the wonder under/steam a seam which is on the right side of the 3" light purple fabric, then stitch both using the sewing machine and set aside.

    Your strip for the scrap bag straps will also be two colors, 8" strip of light purple with wonder under/steam a seam on top then the purple 1 1/2" pressed on top of the steam a seam or wonderunder - with the edges turned under, and cut 4" long, once they have been sewn together - you will have two 4" pieces for straps now.

    3. Make your muslin box, leaving an opening to pour in the silica sand, this will be called the inside box of the pincushion. Add the 2 1/2 strip to the 4" square top (leave opening on one side-top only - preferrably the back) and sew to the other 4" bottom - set aside until you have the pretty outside of the pincushion sewn together.

    4. Make your pretty outside pincushion box, add the straps into your seam for the scrap bag onto one side (add into the front seam) of your pincushion.

    I have quite a few photos to add and will explain each step with each picture.

    Inside bag to hold silica sand - leave opening -
    Name:  Attachment-278584.jpe
Views: 3603
Size:  54.7 KB

    Strip for pincushion straps 8" x 1 1/2" edge turned under then cut in half = 2 4" straps
    Name:  Attachment-278585.jpe
Views: 3600
Size:  37.8 KB

    Straps to add scrap bag showing front and back of strip
    Name:  Attachment-278586.jpe
Views: 3567
Size:  47.0 KB

    4" x 4" squares and strip to add top and bottom, leave opening on top corner
    Name:  Attachment-278588.jpe
Views: 3593
Size:  42.7 KB

    stitching top decorative fabric over wonder under/steam a seam - strip for attaching top and bottom of pincushion
    Name:  Attachment-278589.jpe
Views: 3578
Size:  37.3 KB

    Adding 4" straps to pincushion -front side of pincushin
    Name:  Attachment-278590.jpe
Views: 3562
Size:  34.6 KB

    Pin straps to inside of bag, so they don't get sewn into a seam
    Name:  Attachment-278591.jpe
Views: 3557
Size:  40.4 KB

    Bottom of Pincushion completed, just trim inside and add top leaving opening
    Name:  Attachment-278592.jpe
Views: 3567
Size:  46.9 KB

    Top added, and inside muslin bag inserted - once inserted do not remove, fill will silica sand, then stitch up - hold it up corner to corner to add sand
    Name:  Attachment-278593.jpe
Views: 3586
Size:  53.8 KB

    10" x 22" scrap bag - attaching top strip - leave opening about 1/2" from each end to insert straps from pincushion on this seam
    Name:  Attachment-278594.jpe
Views: 3567
Size:  70.8 KB

    Attached white muslin 10" x 22" to top of strip and stitch down you will be turning over both ends to insert tye strapping
    Name:  Attachment-278595.jpe
Views: 3558
Size:  54.1 KB

    Fold 10 x 22 bag in half lengthwise and stitch together leaving opening in muslin, and opening in 1/2" of muslin and 1/2" of light purple to insert tye strapping, then continue seam down the dark purple to the bottom
    Name:  Attachment-278596.jpe
Views: 3563
Size:  39.6 KB

    Stitch opening at muslin/light purple for tye strapping insertion
    Name:  Attachment-278598.jpe
Views: 3592
Size:  48.8 KB

    sew the balance of the dark purple scrap bag to the bottom then across the bottom with the back seam in the middle of the bag
    Name:  Attachment-278599.jpe
Views: 3545
Size:  50.7 KB

    Mark the corners of the squares from each end - see next pic
    Name:  Attachment-278600.jpe
Views: 3548
Size:  54.8 KB

    now turn the back seam to the outside edge of the bag, and mark the points 2" from the point and sew along these four marked corners
    Name:  Attachment-278601.jpe
Views: 3550
Size:  44.0 KB

    Mark on the reverse side of the straps from the pincushion 1/2 " and insert into the opening at back seam, then you will be turning to the right side thru the opening in the white muslin opening along the inside back seam
    Name:  Attachment-278607.jpe
Views: 3553
Size:  65.7 KB

    showing the straps from the pincushion pulled thru to the wrong side
    Name:  Attachment-278610.jpe
Views: 3535
Size:  45.0 KB

    Stitch down the pincushion straps on the inside of the scrap bag
    Name:  Attachment-278611.jpe
Views: 3546
Size:  40.7 KB

    turn to right side out, and reinforce stitch along the top side of scrap bag
    Name:  Attachment-278612.jpe
Views: 3579
Size:  49.8 KB

    Pincushion and scrap bag attached, now ready for tye strapping to be inserted
    Name:  Attachment-278613.jpe
Views: 3554
Size:  34.8 KB

    Insert tye strapping about 28" - somewhat longer than the opening so it doesn't fold in half or come out - then just a little hand stitching and ready to be sent to a new home - they can add the silica sand - I hope it is as loved as it was making it for you all to see......
    Name:  Attachment-278614.jpe
Views: 3500
Size:  43.4 KB

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    Moderator QuiltnNan's Avatar
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    this is a great tut. thanks for putting it together and posting

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    Super Member d.rickman's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    You are too funny....I was hoping you would all still be sleeping until I was finished....LOL Do not hesitate to contact me "PM" if you have any queries

    Thanks for the nice comment!!

    It is 4:43 am, time to take a nap!!

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    Super Member magpie's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
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    Great tute and pretty project.

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    Super Member Judith1005's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
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    great tutorial. clears up a lot of questions. will bookmark this to try. :D

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    Power Poster PaperPrincess's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
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    Great job..very clear instructions and pics!

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    Oct 2010
    Mite just hav to make some of these

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    Jan 2011
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    thanks, i need one of these

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    Jun 2010
    Always wanted to make one of these. Thanks for sharing this great tut. I will try it


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    Senior Member Noiseynana's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    You did a GREAT job . Thanks for the tut.

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