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Thread: Rhonda's Electric Quilt Class - Week 6 - Odds and Ends

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    Rhonda's Electric Quilt Class - Week 6 - Odds and Ends

    Today we are going to pick up a few odds and ends that I haven't covered yet.

    Some of these features have more options in EQ6 and EQ7 but I want to stay with the simpler things first and then we will add more of the more complicated functions later on.
    Besides I am still learning about my EQ7 so I need time to figure out some stuff first! *Grin*

    If any one has questions about anything concerning your EQ don't hesitate to ask. It gives me an opportunity to explore things I haven't seen yet if I don't already know the answer to your question.

    Someone asked how to find the place to set the sashing. So here is the answer to that question

    Open a project
    Choose a quilt to work on
    Under the quilt click on layout

    You will see the layout window open on the right of your screen

    This has 3 sections.

    The first one is Blocks. This is where you change the number of blocks you want to use.

    Name:  Layout Sections.jpg
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Size:  20.8 KB

    The second one is Size. Change the numbers to reflect the size of blocks you are going to use. The numbers you see are inches. If you are going to use a 12" finished quilt block then put 12" in there. You don't need to add the seam allowance.

    The third one is the Sashing. I always delete this as I like to use mine with out sashing. So if you want to add sashing this is where you do it. Change the number to the inches you are going to use in your sashes.

    Name:  Blocks and Sizing.jpg
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Size:  23.3 KB

    Under these three you will see a check box that says sash border
    If you click on this you will see..... look at the next picture

    Name:  Sash Border and Sizes.jpg
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Size:  35.6 KB

    You will see this! You'll have a sash border around the quilt.
    And underneath the sash border checkbox you will see the size of your quilt.
    This will tell you what size your quilt will be.
    When you change the size of your blocks or your sashing keep the size of your quilt in view and you can keep track of how big your quilt will be depending on the changes you make in sizes.

    In EQ7 and I think also EQ6 your quilt size is shown at the top of your layout window.

    Name:  Sash Border and Sizes   Half.jpg
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Size:  24.9 KB

    So now you know how to use your layout options!

    Now let's talk about exporting your quilt to a Word document or into a file on your PC.
    If you want to send a pic of your creation to someone you will need to save it to a file.

    Back to your quilt.
    On the left you will see the camera icon( export snapshot). Click on this and you will see a magnifier symbol instead of the curser. Start above the top left corner and hold down the left side of your mouse. Keep it down and pull the box lines over the quilt. Anything inside those lines will be included in the picture you "shoot"

    Name:  untitled yyyyyyyyyyy.jpg
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Size:  11.1 KB

    After you have snapped your snapshot you will see this menu box

    Name:  Export Snapshot.jpg
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Size:  47.5 KB

    If you click on Bitmap then you will need to give it a name and save it as a file on your PC.

    Name:  Bitmap.jpg
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Size:  48.9 KB

    If you click on Clipboard then you can save it and place it in a Word Document or whatever program you have for word processing.

    Name:  Clipboard.jpg
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    Super Member knlsmith's Avatar
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    Wow. Does EQ tell you how to construct blocks, too?

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    This may seem obvious to everyone but I decided to cover it just so we all have the same information.
    When you have clicked on your sketchbook you will see these tabs at the top of your sketchbook.
    When you use the libraries you can import blocks or applique or import pictures into your sketchbook. Here you can see your additions and can delete any you decide you don't want or need anymore. Sometimes you get duplicates when you add fabrics etc. Or a quilt might have a flaw in it you want to delete.

    Name:  Sketchbook.jpg
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Size:  75.6 KB

    At the bottom of your sketchbook you can choose the quilt block or quilt etc you want to work on by sliding the square button just under the quilt picture.
    Under that you can click on edit to choose a quilt block to work on.
    You can click on Notecard to add some notes you may want to remember

    Name:  Sketchbook Options.jpg
Views: 1434
Size:  68.6 KB

    click on Notecard and you will see this
    This is a good place to record yardage needed or anything that you may need to know.

    Name:  Notecard.jpg
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Size:  45.1 KB

    As always if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask. If I don't know I will see if I can find out.

    thanks everyone! I hope you are enjoying or will soon enjoy your EQ program!!

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    Mar 2009
    Salem Iowa
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    Quote Originally Posted by knlsmith View Post
    Wow. Does EQ tell you how to construct blocks, too?
    In some ways yes. Depends on what you want to do.

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    I love your tutorials...thanks so much for sharing. I have EQ7 and I am more a visual person so to actually see your pictures and the layouts are much easier than reading the book.....thanks for sharing!!!!!

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    When i click on the snapshot icon nothing happens--

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    I just gave this a quick looky loo, I have to go out this morning, but didn't want to leave with out knowing what todays lesson was. Will have to practice when I get home. Thanks Rhonda.
    "Impossible is an opinion, not a fact" Cameron Clapp


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    you are one great teacher,thanks, I would not have learned EQ, had it not been for you. thanks again.


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    Hi Rhonda. Just wanted to thank you again. Labug

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