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Thread: It arrived in pieces .......

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    May 2011
    Waynesboro, Tn.
    I just received an ebay sewing machine purchase today! I got a big lump in my throat when I first saw that it was being shipped USPS. When it arrived today the box looked like it had been chewed by a pack of pit bulls. It didn't even have the shape of a box, all the corners were smooshed in, my heart just sank to my knees! There was enough packing inside and she only suffered a bent spool pin. She's 108 years old, I think she deserved better!

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    Thank you ~ I was really weighting this carefully ~ it came thru the U.S. mail ~ so sad ~ they could hear it was in pieces . Th price was right and I love singer machines ~ however , adding what it cost me, the cost of shipping and now the cost of having someone rebuild it and replace broken pieces is more then I can handle right now. So, off it goes , back to the seller. He might be able to get it back to a working state in honor of his mother , who he said used it for years. A lesson learned , I hope , about packaging. And for me , its time to enjoy the machines I have ! ( And I do have enough! ) (smile)
    You are all so wonderful !!! This is why I love the Quilting Board !!!! HUGS !!!
    Sewing Mends The SOUL !

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    Quote Originally Posted by bemoreonline View Post
    How much do they weight ? Is it comparable to a featherweight without the flip down table ? Is yours in a case ?
    Elaine answered the question about the weight, as to what it's comparable to, look at my avatar. That's what it should be, a full size clone of the Singer Mdl 15.


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    Complain to Ebay and Paypal without minimizing what happened. You want and deserve the cost of the machine, the cost of shipping to you and, if he wants the machine back, the cost to ship it back. Call Ebay on the phone (an 800 number). If the seller won't refund your money, Ebay has a 100% return guarantee and they will pay for it themselves. My sister had to go to Ebay and she was given a refund without any questions asked.

    Please don't try to repair the machine. It probably will never work properly again. If you try to fix it, then you will not be entitled to a refund. Try again with another machine from a different seller.

    Only a fool would ship any piece of machinery without packaging. He was obviously at fault and it is his lesson to learn.

    Sorry for the shock and pain you must have felt.
    Blue Cat

    Every life should have nine cats.

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    I've had that happen once is why I avoid Ebay if possible, I prefer CL. Anyway, that picture makes me sick .

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    Southeast Georgia
    I would send it back so fast! I know it's a cute little machine, but the imbicile who packed it should have known that the case was not sufficient for shipping. It amazes me how some people live and walk around! Please send it back, file with eBay and Paypal, and ask for your return shipping back, as well. You will find another one, I'm sure.

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    Please do not send this back until you have your money back into your Paypal account. This includes shipping to you and return shipping. This mistake can be detrimental to the seller, so there should be no question about him reimbursing all your costs. And even if broken enroute to you, the machine deserves to be packed correctly to continue on its journey back to the person/family that maybe should have kept it in the first place. In honor of his mother. Just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J Miller View Post
    Take lots and lots and lots of pictures. Send copies to the carrier with a major complaint.
    File an insurance claim if it was insured . Especially if you have to pay to ship it back.
    Be careful. A lot of shipping companies won't even talk to you about the damage. You weren't the shipper, you didn't pay for the ride (even though you did)

    I agree document everything, but go through paypal and ebay.

    The shipper can deal with the shipping company, but they won't get anything out of them. The machine wasn't properly packaged. They will deny any insurance claim based on that.

    Experience: DH is a courier, and a former shipper receiver. We've had a lot of broken stuff shipped to us.

    I'm sorry to see that. It hurts the heart to see one demolished for no reason.

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    You should be able to get a full refund through PayPal. I believe that is the way you have to pay for items on eBay. Can't believe the seller didn't pack it better. Sorry it arrived broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanofNJ View Post
    I've had that happen once is why I avoid Ebay if possible, I prefer CL. Anyway, that picture makes me sick .
    We've had this happen as well. It just makes you sick when you think about how long these machines have existed and then to be damaged by poor packaging. It just makes you wonder. Fortunately we didn't have any problems with the sellers making it right. We too have given up buying machines on ebay. We look at craigslist or in antique shops which in a way is a lot more fun than buying off of ebay. Hope this issue gets resolved without any problems.

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