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Thread: Do You Have a Favorite Vintage Machine

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    Feb 2012
    Wine Country, California

    Do You Have a Favorite Vintage Machine

    I am curious if you Vintage collectors have a favorite in your collection. I love my 1951 FW, and use her often. I also love my 1948 201. She sews beautifully. My first 301 is a bit dinged up, so I call her 'Ugly Betty' but she sews beautifully. I just got a 'new to me' sleek black longbed 301. She still needs work to get her up and running. I am hoping I will love her just as much as her 301 sister. I am now making a quilt on my 99K, and I don't love her. I was thinking of turning her into a handcrank...but after sewing with her, I don't think it's worth the effort. I'm curious as to which of your machine(s) are your favorites. Also, should I give my 99K another chance? Do you love yours??? Happy Stitchin'

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    Junior Member totosmom's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Bedford Co, PA
    Oh man, that's such a hard question, Yamaha Mama! That's like asking which child you like best. I love all of mine, which is why I have them. Well, OK, most of them, at any rate. And the task at hand matters too.

    Just to look at, I prefer my 66K hand crank with the Lotus decals. It is so charming and reminds me of saner times.

    For FMQ, my Singer 15-91 is the Queen. She reigns over her domain from a lovely Art Deco desk.

    For quiet sewing and superb stitches, my 201-2 can't be beat. It reminds me of the one I learned to sew on many years ago.

    For beautiful stitches and a few decorative ones, my Bernina 830 Record is always reliable.

    And who could resist the red (!) Viking 6570? It never fails me when I need it, and those deco stitches are so pretty. This sweet machine was my first vintage SM.

    Well, you see what I mean. Very hard to choose. Very hard. And I haven't even gotten to the portables!

    PS Don't give up on your 99K -- they, too, are great little workhorses.
    Dorothy in PA

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    Senior Member harrishs's Avatar
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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    I love piecing on my FW's and 301s they are so smooth and work such a nice stitch.....but for sheer fun, I love sewing on my 99 hand crank! I have mostly Singers and a couple of clones.....my 201 is the heavy duty one I go to. I love them all----

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    Jun 2012
    I thought I would chime in here. My favorite, my 201 hand's down. I feel like I am cheating on her when I use anything else. My treadle has been getting quite a workout lately. Then my 99k.

    My 201 was the only thing in my sewing area in my room forever but my treadle has been being used so much I decided she had to go up, so I put up shelves and brought the 99k and the 101 with her. I took the coffin top off the treadle, got the 201 up out of her cabinet and let them all sit and see each other. The embarrassing part was my husband walking in when I was telling all 4 of them I love them equally and have no favorites, but I do and she is the 201. He just stared shook his head and walked back out of the room.

    I keep the German Singer's downstairs because they don't speak the same language and I don't want them to get testy with too much competition. They really are an extension of my family. I don't have 6 children I have 16. I talk to them all the time, especially when they get moody and I am in a hurry to get things done. The family is almost done expanding I want a 222 and then I think I will never buy another sewing machine. Well I say that now!

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    Jun 2011
    No, I haven't got one favourite, I've got several favourites, but I've got a few unfavourites too.

    1927 99K hand machine for appliqué and binding.

    Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle hand machine for piecing.

    Serata treadle for piecing.

    Singer 15K treadle for free motion quilting.

    I won't name the unfavourites. They are already in enough disgrace.

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    I've always heard you're not supposed to take sides in your children, soooooooooLove them all the same, each for their own talents.

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    Jul 2012
    New York
    My favorite is my one and only Vintage machine...so far ...it's my Singer 99.
    When it seems like the world is falling to pieces remember that the pieces are falling into place. We are nearing closer to the End Times.

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    Aug 2010
    Woodmere, NY
    Hands down it would have to be my Singer 66. I have a 99, 2 Singer 237(?) made in Great Britain) and a Singer 600 with cams. The Singer 600 has to be worked on. I'm hoping to turn my nieces into quilters. Right now they don't have time, as they are college kids, but they don't know what I have in store for them.

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    My favorite machine is my 66-1 that belong to my Grandma. It never gives me problems. the stitch is always even and perfect.
    Glenn W. Cleveland

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    Jul 2012
    Favorite vintage machine would be my FW for piecing, all around sewing would be my Pfaff 1222....or is that not old enough to be vintage. I don't know where "vintage" starts, someone just told me that "antique" starts at 100 years old.

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