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Thread: Featherweight help needed!

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    May 2012

    Featherweight help needed!

    I was piecing on the featherweight, and a thread tail got stuck, and the needle is now stuck part way through the needle plate! I cannot advance it. I've taken off the thread and the bobbin, and when I rotate the handwheel, nothing happens! Any suggestions?

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    I don't have a featherweight but when I got a needle stuck in a thread nest, I carefully released the screw that holds the needle in place. Make sure you turn off the machine before proceeding. With the needle released you can turn the hand wheel to bring up the needle receptacle and give yourself a little more room to work. Next remove the foot on the machine if possible. Open the bobbin area and see where the needle is. Can you remove the bobbin case or is the needle inserted into it? If so, see if you an wiggle out the needle from the top with a pair of needle nose pliers.
    Hopefully someone that owns a featherweight can give you more advice.

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    May 2012

    Featherweight help needed!

    I think you've gotten some pretty good advise. The only thing I have to add is check the feed dogs to make sure they are operating. I had an experience where my Featherweight just stopped right in the middle of something. Like you, I checked for thread in the bobbin case, etc. Then, I called my son into the problem (he worked on sewing machines for 14 years). He noticed that the feed dogs weren't working after he'd checked the bobbin case, etc. for knotted threads. He took the bottom off the machine (lay it on its side, and remove the screw, very carefully. If you have the screw loose that holds the feed dogs on the mechanism that drives the feed dogs, it could be loose on the bottom the machine. That's why you need to be careful when you take the bottom lose. It's be very easy to lose that screw and you don't want to do that (if that screw is loose! If that screw is loose, the feed dogs won't move, or anything. And, while the screw goes in a little difficult place to get to, its not difficult to get it back where it belongs. and reinsert the screw where it belongs. Of course, this may not be your problem, but I had this happen just a week or so ago! Best wishes with your Featherweight!

    Jeanette Frantz

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    Because Featherweights were made so well the thread gets caught in the bobbin case if you don't hold the thread. It gets caught behind the mechanism. This freezes the needle and cause your problem. You need to put the machine on it's side , remove the bobbin and remove the thread. Sometimes you can't remove the thread without removing the bobbin case. There is a very tiny screw that needs to be removed ( you need a very small screwdriver to do this) and don't loose that screw. You can go to google for "The featherweight 221 factory" and there is a great pdf with pictures on how to fix the problem under "Jams". I've become really good at this because I just can't remember to hold those threads when I start sewing. Hope this helps.

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