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Someone has "gifted" me a Singer 337, in the cabinet, and froze up!
My question is, is this a work horse? Is it worth the cost of repairs or should I kick it to the road? Is it worth having repaired? I already have 2 Singers, 1 White,1 Montgomery Ward, 1 Viking770 and a Singer Treadle 27. It's not like I really need another one! But I would hate to throw a good one away.Thanks for any info on this machine, Oh and it's Blue.
I just looked up this machine on ebay .....looks like a nice one that sews anything, so I'm guessing not much plastic inside. I have only lived in the Fort Myers area since spring..welcome to the board, love learning about "everthing quilty" here on the board. My only vintage machine is a Featherweight, but I sure have become interested in all of the singers since getting on this board. It was on here that I learned how to get it up and running nicely.