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I have been searching for about 3 years for a Singer Treadle with the sphnyx decals on it. Most of the ones I have seen or looked at were way to expensive if they were restored or cabinets, machines in deplorable conditions and beyond my trying to restore them. But 2 days ago, I found this one on our local CL for $50.00!! I am so in love and excited! She is not frozen and the cabinet is not stained or water ruined. My brother, who can fix, restore, just about anything, is going to help me make her look almost new. However, I will not paint it or replace decals as I want to keep it as close to her 88 years of life! From what I found she is from 1924 and is 127, SN# AAo26052. I love her and have decided to call her "Bessie", because she is the BEST for me!!!
I appreciate all of y'all's kind remarks. Gives me encouragement to carry on...
Finally got the courage to plug her in and the motor works! It doesn't make the machine needle go up and down for I need a new belt for the big wheel to do that. The motor is original. We will redo the wiring however. I am studying Glenn's restoring method for the old machines!!