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Thread: New (old) Singer Sewing Machine, now what?

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    I'm glad you got "Kathleen". My Mom had heard the name when she was a little girl and aways said she would name her first daughter Kathleen. When I was born, we both almost died, Mom was tiny and it was breach. The Docs worked hard and we made it. The first thing my Dad said to my Mom afterwards was "Kathleen is here". I turned out to be an only child, but I made it!

    As for the Singer, Billy (Here on the board is helping me find parts for it and hopefully it won't take too ling.

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    I too bought a 322 with no power cord. Did you find one? Do you think another is avialable? kcl

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    For those who see this old thread because they are in the same situation......the foot pedals for the 322s are no longer made (as of this writing). So, you have to search for a used one by calling all the Singer Sewing Centers (singerco.com has the listings) until you find one, ebay, or if you know someone with electrical knowledge, there are powercords, also called lead cords, that fit the plug but don't have the foot control attached. That's were the person with the electrical knowledge comes in. I just ordered a powercord through amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Lead-Power-Cor..._se_p_t_3_1HEN It is called a Lead Power Cord
    #979430-002 (just in case that link eventually expires) and is being sold by SewingMachinesPl
    us. It fits and the machine will turn on and run at both speeds but I haven't tried to have it wired to foot pedal yet because we found the actual foot pedal from a Singer Center and they are mailing it to me. Other cords made for printers and various electornic devices look like they would fit but the wattage/amperage/etcs. are of concern. I hope the weeks of hunting for a replacement by two people (thank you R!) helps someone else.
    "Life is mostly froth and bubble, but one thing stands as stone. Kindness in another's trouble, courage in one's own." Adam Lindsey Gordon

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