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Thread: Please Join Me in Celebrating the Arrival of Little Bit

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    Exclamation Please Join Me in Celebrating the Arrival of Little Bit

    A couple weeks ago I posted that I had won a Featherwieght on eBay. Well, she arrived Monday! She had a pretty scary trip however (the seller did a terrible job of packing her ) and she arrived a little scratched and even with a dent in her drip pan.

    But, she is such a sweet littlre thing, we decided we just could not stand the thought of sending her back to someone who cared so little.

    Her name is Little Bit (my mid-arm quilter is Big Girl). And, after spending a couple hours at the spa Monday night, she is much more relaxed and has started to settle in.

    She was conceived in 1957, and is actually in very good condition. The scratches are mostly superfical. The only true damage is the dent in the drip pan. The man used an old shoe box and an empty cereal box as packing material. And, put NO packing material in the actual case. The attachments, foot control, thread spools, metal box, keys etc just banged around inside the case while in transit. Including one of the screws that had attached the metal box to the side of the case. and that is what got lodged under the machine and caused the damage to the drip pan. I was so angry. I did get a great deal, $152. But, the shipping was pretty high at $35 and to have them do such a shoddy job on the packing was disappointing. I contacted the seller and he was so rude (and even offensive). I know it takes all kinds to make a world..but dang couldn't we leave out just a few of the haters?

    I have one concern about the machine. There is what appears to be some white, paint over-spray on part of the bed extension and on the foot control. I am going to have to figure out how to get it off. Any hints or guidance would be appreciated.

    I spent a couple hours Monday night cleaning her. She was amazingly clean. There was a funny ticking sound in the bobbin area and it looked like there was some thread caught in it. So, I took that appart and cleaned it, no more ticking!! And then, I was having issues trying to set the upper thread tension, so I took that appart as well, and the tension is now perfect!! (first time I did either of those things--a little scary, but turned out fine.)

    Here are some pictures.

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    sorry to hear you had such a bad ebay experience. like to see pictures of little bit. she is in good hands now and she knows she will be taken care of now.. enjoy

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    When I clicked on the attachments, they did not come up on my computer.
    Just discovered I qualify for FABLE (Fabric Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy)

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    Fresh out of the box.
    Attachment 353226

    Attachment 353227

    Dirty Girl!
    Attachment 353228

    The Dent. Those aren't scratches, I got mad and stopped mid oil wipe down to take the pictures.
    Attachment 353229

    Dent Close-up
    Attachment 353230

    Paint Spots
    Attachment 353231

    Paint Spots on Foot Controler
    Attachment 353232

    Trying to show scratches on bed of machine.
    Attachment 353233

    All Clean!!
    Attachment 353234

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    Suze, I can't get the picture links to work. Would love to see them, and share in your joy. In any case, I hope you are going to leave this mean guy some bad feedback. Others need to know what a bad job he did, and Ebay might want to know about it, too. Hope she sews for you forever!
    "The business of life is making memories. In the end, it is all we have." Butler Charlie Carson, Downton Abbey, season 4, episode 3, PBS.

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    Third times the charm, right?

    Fresh out of the box.

    Name:  P1000166.jpg
Views: 805
Size:  99.2 KB

    Dirty Girl!!
    Name:  P1000168.jpg
Views: 798
Size:  108.0 KB

    The dent on the bottom.
    Name:  P1000172.jpg
Views: 797
Size:  80.4 KB

    Close up of dent. Those are not scratches, I stopped mid wipe down to take the pictures.
    Name:  P1000171.jpg
Views: 800
Size:  72.6 KB

    Paint spray on bed.
    Name:  P1000169.jpg
Views: 799
Size:  83.3 KB

    Spray on foot pedal/
    Name:  P1000170.jpg
Views: 814
Size:  109.1 KB

    Scratches on bed.
    Name:  P1000174.jpg
Views: 795
Size:  85.2 KB

    All Clean!!
    Name:  P1000173.jpg
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    That dent looks rather like a bullet hole.
    Sure is nice to hear of another Featherweight finding a loving home.

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    Probably the best thing to remove the paint is going to be a soak with sewing machine oil and gentle picking/scraping with your fingernail. Nothing sharp and no solvents.

    She is beautiful. Even with the dented pan.

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    File a claim with ebay that it was damaged in shipping and that the seller is not being cooperative. You should receive SOME sort of credit for the damage. A new drip pan would probably be in the $30-$40 range. I'm not sure, you can google that. I received a machine in similar packing from a seller. I wonder if they're cousins! LOL. Except mine came with a coffee filter box:< I did file a negative feedback to warn others. My machine wasn't as damaged as yours. But, it was scratched. I wasn't happy and you should at least leave negative feedback about their lack of packing and rudeness.

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    Welcome to the FW club and enjoy you lovely little machine.
    This too shall pass.

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