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Thread: What are your machines' names and why?

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    Senior Member lindy-2's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    my featherweight is named Jenica my daughter named her. she calls everything from her stuffed pony to the neighbors cat Jenica and even whannted to name her baby sister that as well. the other machines dont realy have names gess i better get to that some time.

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    Super Member chris_quilts's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    leavenworth, ks
    Blog Entries
    The first FW is named Betsy. 2nd one unnamed for right now
    Black 301 is Rebeckah and her tan sister needs more work before I can play with her and name her.
    The Two Spools is Josephine - after my grandmother.
    Green Bernina 117 K or L is Fritz
    The Occupied Japan machine is Tokaru (I believe) for firelfly in Japanese. Might rename her - haven't decided yet.
    Lots of others are unnamed but not unloved.

    I meant to behave......but there were too many other options

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    Senior Member Skyangel's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    My 1950 black FW is named "Bobbi". This is after the FW bobbin I found in my Mom's stuff and took for "bait". Two weeks later I found my her on craigslist, and the seller, who's name was "Bobbi", lived six blocks from my Mom.

    My 1948 repainted Purple FW came with "Laverne". Not sure if she will stay that name but she does have lots of personality.

    My 1928 66-6 is named "Gladys" after my grandmother, who was the original owner. My grandmother hated the name and went by her middle name Bernice (she had been teased as "Happy Bottom" as a child).

    The 1976 Elna Lotus is "The Lotus".

    Still thying to think of one for the 1886 Improved Family. Others I have not named ...

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    Super Member Teacup's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Central Illinois
    My 1897 Singer fiddle base is Ida, after my grandmother, who was born in 1888.
    The 1913 Singer red eye is Leota, after my other grandmother, who was born that year.
    Mom's 1957 Singer 201 is Dottie, my mother's nickname.
    My Singer 99 Centennial is Miss Lily, after my granddaughter, who is also "small but mighty."
    The Singer 301 is Marion, after my 88-year-old aunt, who still uses her 301 regularly.
    I have a 1940s 15-91 in the basement that I have even cleaned up yet, so no name given.

    My "modern" machines, a 1980 Kenmore and 2007 Brother, do not have names. I just feel drawn to name the vintage ones.

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    Senior Member harrishs's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    My first vintage was named Lucy because she looks like a Lucy to me.....(319w) my last I named Grace---a FW----cause she was lost and now found......in between, is Eric the Red, Pittiful Pearl, several named after their original owners, Bing Crosby, sweet Caroline (a 301)---OH, Madam Butterfly is a favorite----but some are still waithing for the right name.

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    Member Hummer Lady's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    All Singers...
    My first Featherweight...and first vintage machine - 1956 Darling Lily (because she was so darling when I saw her).
    2-tone 301a - Heddie (just liked the name)
    1947 Featherweight - Millie (original owner's name was Mildred)
    1953 15-91 Esther Irene (after my grandmother...because she looked stocky like grandma)
    Black 301a - Virginia (Ginny) - because I bought her from a man who lived on Virginia Street.
    Taupe 301a - Miz Juanita - after my lifetime friend, Juanita who gifted her to me.
    Miss Nancy - 1910 Redeye treadle - after my friend Nancy who gifted her to me.
    Gurtie - my 1971 HS graduation gift a Singer Stylist 457 - named after the HS mascots Gus & Gurtie.
    "Find Joy in the Journey"
    U..U, =^..^=, =^..^=

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    Mar 2011
    I just purchased a 1951 FW about 3 months ago, and I named her Lady Millicent.... I am very happy i purchased her!!!!

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    Aug 2011
    Atlanta, GA
    Necci baby and Juki baby

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    Super Member purplefiend's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Round Rock,Texas
    My Featherweights are :1951 Annie(for anniversary model),1948 Maggie May (like the Rod Stewart song),1957 Patty for the woman I bought it from and 1961 tan is Freddie for the man I bought it from.
    The treadles are :Singers: 1968 237 zig zig is Sofia(just like the name),1949 15-90K is Karie,1936 201K is Randy,1916 66-1 red eye is Ruth for my grandma,1955 Pfaff model 60 is Gertrud for my Auntie a lovely German girl.
    Most often I name my machines for the person that I buy them from.
    Sharon W.

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    Senior Member MrsBoats's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Western Tidewater, VA
    Not all of my machines have names-some just seem like a name, and some don't. Of the ones that do, they are:

    Noriko, a two-tone green Riccar 310, Maybell the FW, after her previous owner, and Ludwig P Nahmaschine, a Pfaff130. (My osmg named him, believe it or not. I was complaining that he seemed like a named machine, yet I couldn't come up with a girl's name that fit. He said, "Of course not-he's not a girl, and his name is Ludwig." It stuck.) Oh, and the treadles, Temperance, the 1920's red eye, and Mrs Willard, the New Willard.
    There's no such thing as too many sewing machines!

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