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Thanks, that all helps a lot. I registered the domain name with GoDaddy, but have yet to select a host site. I've heard good things about lunarpages and also about networksolutions, so I've been looking at those two hosts. I could also just go with GoDaddy as a host, as well. I have taken the 'online start-up' class at Quilt University, Rhonda, and another 'art career business class' with Jane Davila that covers web presence from that standpoint. It's given me enough knowledge to be dangerous I'm afraid. :shock:

There are a couple web host comparison sites, but it's kind of confusing to understand what exactly they are comparing when you don't "speak the language". And as with anything else, customer service is a key factor as well.

Some people say that the templates merely offer a change of colors and where your nav bars get placed. That just doesn't sound like enough flexibility for me so I want to consider the options for designing the site myself. I know HTML, but not CSS, and I am willing to buy some mid-line web design software. As I understand it, the design software must be compatible with both my PC and with the host site, kind of like a translator.

I'm looking for as much information as possible before making a decision and I thank you all for adding to that base. :-D
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