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This morning I perused the latest news stories on which I always do after checking the latest threads here. There was a story about the CEO of Walmart who warned that there will be a steep increase in prices of everything due to the cost of raw materials and transportation. Now I know that many of you stock up on fabric, but how many have been stocking up on food and other goods?
I will admit to being a "prepper" of sorts. We live in a tiny cottage where space is at a premium, but my husband put up tons of shelves so we could store what we've purchased. We also got a small deep freeze for meats. As I've pulled out meat to use and pressure can, I was stunned by the difference in price just from a year ago. I've also turned half of my front yard into a fruit/veggie garden and do a lot of canning.
I also make wine - from our own grapes and other fruits. We don't really drink too much, but I figure if things go south, I've got something to barter with.
I am also one of those "extreme coupon" people and I've gotten tons of food for pennies. We also shop at a restaurant supply house on occasion for cases of coffee, etc.
A few weeks ago CVS had a sale on tuna. Using my Extra Care Bucks it came out to about 50 cents a can. I now have about 100 cans. Considering the horrible contamination in the Pacific now, I think that the tuna might be worth its weight in gold.
A while ago I was receiving unemployment benefits and used a good portion for stocking up. My sister, who is a retired financial professional, asked me, "Why don't you just save the money." I thought about it for a second. Then I realized, if I hadn't spent the money on food then, I'd be paying a lot more for the same stuff now.
So ... anyone else?
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