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I have been working on this baby quilt for months..(of course I have gone back and forth from one thing to another..)I have to do all quilting by hand so it takes me so long to finish a quilt.. I think I am doing too much quilting on my quilts..But I can't ever figure out where to quilt so I end up quilting in every little place...Is stitching in the ditch done in the seam? Someone told me it is close to the side of seam not in the seam..that is where I get messed up...I use warm and natural batting so how much open space can you leave without quilting..? I have finished all the butterflies and all I have left to do is the borders. Looking at the back of quilt now there is not a inch that is not quilted....I will try to send a close up picture sometime today...I do this with every quilt and they look like I over did them...
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