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When I purchased my 8900, I was so excited to do the FMQ. Took it out of the box, pugged it in, looked up FMQ in manual, threaded the needle, Same thread top and bottom. Changed nothing, not even the needle. started FMQ. it was perfect. Since then, I have used the blue dot bobbin, use 90/14 topstitch needles from Organ. Everything is fine.
I would suggest, first get your stitch balance correct on straight line sewing. If that is perfect, then your free motion should be also as far as the balance of one thread to the other. If your straight stitch is off, set that and see if your FMQ is what you want. Remember your needle needs to be one matched to the fabric. I have found that the 90/14 works with most sandwiches. Sometimes batiks require a 90/14 sharp microtex needle due to the density of the weave. Best wishes, you have a wonderful machine. If you can't get it right, go back to the shop and ask them to set it for you. They should be accommodating.
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