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Default Need help I need to make a seat for an innertube.

I am trying to make a seat to attach to an inner tube for a pool for my special needs grandson. He would not be in the seat unattended. I just want my daughter to put him in the seat so she can play with him and not have to hold him all the time. He is 12 and tall but less than 100 lbs. I found an innertube at Sam's club that is made of fabric and filled with foam beans. It is very bouyant. It is 32 inches across and the sides are 22 inches around. I am not any good at designing and I could really use some help. I have seen seats that attach to noodles which seem like a good start but it needs a front. It needs to be like the ones that hold a baby, so he doesnt fall out. amazon.com/SwimWays-Noodle-Chair-Colors-Vary/dp/B019C2COVO/ref=sr_1_18? This website shows the seat for the noodle.
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