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When tackling borders I think of the Prairie skirt with all the ruffled tiers. Every tier takes the increase of the one above it and expands even more until there is a full skirt at the bottom hem. All the pinning and measuring of the quilt top is to keep that from happening. If the basic quilt top is a little wavy, the first border gets more wavy and so on until the whole thing is flapping like a bird.

I've been known to sew a staystitch around the top and if that doesn't lay the quilt top flat I pull the bottom thread like I want to make a ruffle. Then pulling the ruffle back out always ends up with a slightly pulled stitch line that hopefully takes out that wavy edge. I press the quilt top and check again to be sure it lies absolutely flat.

Also, I read in an old quilt magazine about sewing an 1/8 inch wide tape around the edge and then ironing. The tape would shrink and pull in the edge of the top. Filed that away in my memory banks except for one minor detail. What kind of tape was to be used. Possibly Rayon? All I remember is that it was white and came off a Christmas ribbon type spool.

So basically the goal is to get the pieced top right before adding a border. Then do the measuring and pinning stuff to keep control as borders are added.

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