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A few thoughts on my first BH mystery:

So much cutting, right? Well I figured out a way to do it that isn't quite so daunting.
I've done a lot of cutting of the strips in my sewing room. Then I do the triangles in
my family room watching something good on TV. Tonight it will be the Jeopardy
championship. If Ken wins tonight it's all over. James has one win so I'm hoping
it continues.
Also trim down my geese this way. I find that if I work straight in my sewing room
it's just too much for me. Last night I trimmed all of clue 8 watching The Crown
and it was quite painless.
I shopped my stash for the entire quilt. I used fabrics I love so that if I don't exactly
love the reveal I will still probably like it because of my fabrics.
Just my 2 cents!
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