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Managed to get a pretty good night's sleep last night, or at least a couple relaxing hours listening to one of the Elm Creek Quilt books on audio before I actually got up. So instead of my coffee break after hours of work, this is my pre-work coffee... Woohoo, today is the day to finish off this top!

First thing is I need to make my inner border which will be of the light Parakeet. I'm going to cut it at 2" wide and will be joining random lengths together on the diagonal until I get the lengths needed. I have the sawtooth sides already made, but I am going to miter the border on instead of butt joint, so I need to put the pointy ends on the border strips. Then I will put on the inner border and cut my angles to give me my proper corner points and away I go.

After I get the first strip done, I'll know how wide it should actually be but I'm planning on leaving in that 1/2" seam on the diagonal blocks.around the bed of the quilt until after I get the border on so would prefer to match it with a 1/2" seam for the border too -- even though I have my stay stitching at the correct 1/4". I'll decide after it's on whether I want to trim it down. If I trim, I might actually go around the seam and stabilize it again near the actual seam line. So we put the two fabrics together and do our seam, I would generally press open but for this I might stitch again between the real seam line and the seam allowance and the press to the side.
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