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I use a lot of black and it is the nature of the beast. All black fabric attracts hair, lint, stray fibers like crazy. And it all shows a lot more than on lighter colors. Irishrose2 brings up an interesting point and I never knew that but it explains a lot. I don't know if they use sulphur dyes in navy but navy shows a lot too. In fact any dark solid seems to show a lot, deep forest greens, dark browns, etc. But black definitely seems to be the worst. But I don't care, I love the look of black background quilts, especially paired with bright batiks.

When I make a show quilt that has black in it I am constantly dehairing it as I go and when it is done, I go over it with contact paper (the peel and stick stuff you line cabinet shelves with) I find it is stickier than masking tape and much larger so I can cover a lot of surface area at once. I also do my final wash with hairzappers which seem to help ball up all the loose hair so it is easier to pick off.

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