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Just me checking in for the day. I spent a bit of time yesterday cleaning up after myself instead of jumping into the next project. It was a good thing to do! Was getting a bit deep in the cutting fluff...

I'll be making the units needed for the Frolic UFO I agreed to finish and by the time I do that it will be just about time to get my next round. I'll admit -- I've got no ideas on what to do yet when that comes to me but I'm turning over a few thoughts.

Today I'm picking up a vintage machine I got from an Auction site. It's cool, but I just need the foot pedal. I had a replacement vintage foot put on my Remington and it was doing ok with masks, but when I sewed for an extended period the pedal started making scary crackling noises and I unplugged it from the wall and just don't feel safe with it. As ratty as the top of the case is, it's better than the case I currently have which is held together with tape and good luck, don't know if it will fit or not but chances are good it will.

This is the first time I've won a bid through this site, I've bid on many things but I'm cheap I first found them about a year ago through a posting on Craig's List. Typically I can find this sort of machine at the thrift stores for about $10-20, but machines were snatched up for mask making and the thrift stores have been closed for the last couple of months.

They specialize in estate type sales, pictures are posted and bids are made. The money is collected through the site, nothing will change hands today other than the merchandise. If you bid and don't pick-up, you are out the money and not allowed to bid through the site again. Lots of directions on proper mask wearing and safety precautions -- I have an assigned 5 minute time slot to pick up my purchase.
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