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That is a beautiful parlor cabinet. I'm glad you able to post pictures from your phone.

I guess I need to rephrase my notes on how to post pictures.. The big red "Reply" button is if you want to reply and post pictures, if you do not "Quote." There is a Quick Reply, like I'm doing now. I don't have the "paper clip icon" to post pictures.

I'm guessing that your machine is close to the same time frame as the opening poster on this thread, maybe between 1907 and 1910. The biggest difference that I can see is that the tension does not have the spoon shaped tension release. It appears from the numbers you gave that you have the correct needles for your machine..

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Thank you. The thread tension is different than my other machines. It has fewer parts so I'm hoping it's actually all there. I've included photos. At the time of this photo, the second disc was still stuck to the machine. 6 hours of waiting and oiling before it released. Although everything internally sends to move smoothly, none of the dials/ knobs/ screws do. I still haven't found the seam between the face plate and the head. I know it's there because the manual tells how to remove it and oil.

While I wait for things to release, I'm going to be looking for more needles. These things are huge!
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