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I'll probably be bringing up the rear with this swap! I've not started yet, but I'm not worried about it as I know I can crank out 20 blocks in a weekend.

Got the tall, long wall painted yesterday, today is moving stuff around so I can paint the two shorter walls. Will be nice to use the 6' ladder instead of the 8' ladder.

And once the painting is done and the room back together, I'll be starting on the blocks. I'm really looking forward to doing some sewing on my vacation time instead of Homeowner stuff! Though it will be really nice to finally have the sewing room painted. The down side is that when DH gets done with the basement rooms, the next project is the kitchen in the sewing studio. Going to build a partial wall and move cabinets and appliances around. The kitchen had a sink and fridge, and we're adding an oven, hood and dishwasher to make it complete.

Part of the long term plan, after the studio is complete then we move on to the main kitchen/dining/entry area. And while that one is being remodeled we'll be using the studio kitchen. We are doing some major changes and basically gutting that whole level. It's still a lot less work than we did at the old farmhouse - no lath and plaster to deal with!
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