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Originally Posted by sewingpup View Post
I would definitely look at where the dealers with service is are....hopefully, there will be one within driving distance even it it is an all day drive. But if there is not one....of the brands I would consider buying.....I just may get one anyway....knowing if it needs service and probably also just for a general servicing periodically, I probably would get one anyway...but....I definitely would make sure I had another machine or two to keep me busy should I have to send the fancy machine in....and I would make sure that those extra machines were basic machines....that probably could be serviced by just about anyone....even the vacuum repair man....gotta have a least something that does a basic straight stitch at all times....
The guy who services my mechanical machines also does vacuums. I Googled Juki dealers and Juki service and nothing at all comes up in my state, but I could drive to another, I guess. But that leaves out classes. Part of my problem is that I have four other sewing machines besides the Brothers -- gluttony -- tho they are all older (at least 40 yrs or more) machines that are just too good to let go to less than a good home. Yes, I have sent machines to Haiti and to a group teaching girls to sew, but right now no one seems to really want the old non-plastic work horses.
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