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Originally Posted by vlrigdon View Post
Today am trying it on my laptop, not the iPad, and will see. next is the total new account stuff - but I really don't want to do that. I just want to be able to log in when I need to - no password reset. more ugh.
Understood. "Have you cleaned out temp files and cookies lately? Also, if you're coming onto the board with an old "shortcut" or "favorite bookmark", delete it, type www.quiltingboard.com into the address bar, or click on the link right here to go there, and make it a new internet shortcut or internet favorite bookmark. Try it, and see if these tips help."

I know sometimes I forget the last stop of something and then wonder why it didn't work. I know I have tried to change something and forget to save, or in the case of posting pictures here, forget to scroll all the way over and "Upload"

Good luck.

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