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I go in spurts. There are things I like, picking out the fabric cutting, and doing the block piecing. and things I don't like, stitching the rows together especially if it is a Big quilt, adding on borders. Then to the quilting part, Things I don't like, piecing the backing together, getting everything square and lined up to put on the long-arm, going up to the attic to get the batting cut off the roll (I use my stairs as a pantry as I have a tiny kitchen so have to clear everything off the stairs first) loading the quilt unto the longarm. Then I get to something that is fun as I do a quick and easy over-all design free hand on the quilt. Then back to the things I don't like, off loading the quilt and trimming the sides, making the binding and machine stitching it on. Oh and I did I mention I seldom put a label on it cuz I don't like that step either...oh my, I need an apprentice!
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