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Busy bee’s as usual. You’all must feel very accomplished! I’m a goal setter and it appears many are, as well. I may have to learn to give myself wider date spreads on my goals. I end up frustrated when I don’t meet a goal so I really need to learn to give myself a break and not be so hard on myself. Life interrupts...

We made two purchases this last week. We bought a new RV so I was able to unpack all our RV containers and organize the rig. Our last RV was smaller so this one has ton more space. Need to make new throw pillows since the color scheme is different.

We also bought a garden shed...more like a big barn. Expected delivery is Thursday so we’ll be lugging all the garden crap from the workshop and garage once the brackets and whatnots are installed by Hubbie. He’s been welding for a couple of days making what’s needed to hang, mount etc. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this project.
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