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Hello Ladies! Just thought I would check in too. Good to see a little chatting here again. I only randomly get emails saying there are new messages in my saved threads so I have to try to remember to get on and check them out. I started a new direct sales biz late last June and it has been much more successful than I expected meaning it keeps me pretty busy. I am getting to the point now where I have more of a routine with my MIL, family and biz which means more regular times sewing! I really hope to get some projects finished this year.

My first goal is to sandwich/quilt a top I finished for my nephew. I need to mail out in May to VA. I should have time at least to get it sandwiched today...but also have to do 3 live videos (in my parties) and have 1 zoom meeting. So we'll see how it goes. I usually have my daughter here to help with sandwiching so will be getting creative there!

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