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That's so great to hear! I had wanted to try them for a while so I started this thread so I could do them alongside others that were more experienced and learn from everybody. I didn't find them nearly as hard as I thought they'd be!

I sandwiched my quilt yesterday. Actually I sandwiched three of them and now my calves and hamstrings are in a lot of pain. I'm not sure how others baste their quilts but I do it on my floor with 505 spray. I am lucky that I am flexible and when asked to touch my toes while bent over I can actually put my hands flat on the floor. It makes it easy to reach the floor to sandwich but doing it for so long means I can't move the next day! I gotta remember to stretch next time.

Oh and I got the call that my quilting machine came in, I am hoping to pick it up tomorrow after work and I'm going straight to quilting a quilt, I don't see myself practicing much! lol
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