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Originally Posted by janiebakes View Post
"hopefully i can get it untangled and straighted out. the things on the bottom that go up and down are locked up at the top (not a very helpful description sorry) they might be "feeders" .

Sounds like the feed dogs are not moving. Might need something as simple as some oil. Feed dogs not moving suggests that it has not been used for a good while.
thank you.. i dont know what i did wrong this morning.. I have "chronic lyme" disease.. my brain sometimes miss fires! however i found a video and went and rolled the right had wheel backwards, and it freed right up. it has been 40 years since i have even touched a sew machine and the only thing i remember was "bobbin" and how hard it was to sew ... not my strong suit for sure. .but I would like to learn. i really like cotton clothing and it seems they are harder and harder to find..and they dont last as long as they used too.. would be handy to be able to hem my pants or even try to make something.

esp when fire seaons come.. i will need some indoor activity to keep me busy.
now i need to figure out how to "loop" the bobbin and the needle thread i think.. then get the little piece of paper stitched back in place.

i have a habit of finding things on the street that usually need some fixing up and i like to do that.. so i thought that this machine was gonna be trashed but it actually has a really smooth feel before i jammed it up. I remember doing those jam ups all the time in 8th grade and the teacher was so patient and would try to show and expalin ...over and over .

it must be easier than it was back then?
do they even teach sewing in school anymore?

thank you.
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