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There are 5 plates you need to remove: 1. the round disc on the back top of the pillar, 2. the nose/face plate, 3. the needle plate, 4 the bobbin slide plate, 5. the stitch length cover plate.

When I have had stuck screws I use an appropriately sized screwdriver and a hammer, giving the stuck screw a tap, hard or soft as necessary, to loosen the screw. Always make sure you use the correctly sized screwdriver to remove screws, it's really easy for the the screwdriver to slip and bung up the slot on the screw (says the voice of experience!). Once all the plates are off I would use sewing machine oil everywhere metal rubs against metal and let it sit at least a day, test it, then reapply as necessary. I would want all the plates off before I tried heat.
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