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I am kicking myself for selling my mom's old cookbook that was put out by the government during the depression on how to make healthy meals on a budget. I know I use eggs a lot...can make "fried vegetables" by sautéing any veggies you have then adding a couple of eggs to the pan...quick and easy...could also add some canned pinto, navy, chickpeas, or whatever to further boast the protein. Mom used to make a ton of hot dishes where rice, noodles, potatoes took a leading role....not good for Keto...but helped keep the cost downs. I have been trying to add things like nuts, seeds, yogurt to keep the meat down....not that those things are cheap either. I have been thinking that every time I cook a squash, that I really aught to scoop out the seeds and roast them to much on...more protein. oh...I have also been buying a lot of frozen veggies....I think they may be less expensive then fresh and actually more economical in that there isn't much waste at all with them.
I saw a cool cookbook like this in an antique store. I didn’t buy it but I did spend some time looking at it.
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