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Default Yondo’s Arrow

So here is my row completed a bit early, it will be on the way tomorrow. I was inspired by Yondo Udonto’s arrow, one of the coolest items in the MCU. I took some artistic license, the arrow is supposed to have been made using a yew wood that is sensitive to sound. I chose a sparkly light brown or tan color for the arrow so it would show up against the black galaxy starry fabric, and rather than a red streak at the back like the original, I started with red but then it fades to multicolor. I used the universe fabric because Yondo is in Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he is the father guardian of the hero Star Lord, and ends up being a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. So his arrow called for a Galaxy star black background. Also his ravager funeral ended up being a multicolored fireworks display like this quilt top. Hugs all!!
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