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Please understand everyone it is important for you to send me a PM letting me know you are ready to mail.
I may not see your answers on the thread. I rely on pms to see who said what.
Sometimes people tell me at the beginning of the swap they have a wh ready and by the end of the swap I've forgotten they told me. So the PMs are very very important in this swap.

There aren't very many rules in this swap but sending pms when you are ready / sending pms when you mail / and sending pms when you receive your WH is absolutely vital for me to keep track of all the swaps.

I so appreciate each one of our swappers!! You all keep this swap going!! Thank you so much for playing in our swaps!!

If this mail situation does not get better we may have to make some changes. I hope the international mail will be reinstated soon. Rt now US can not mail to Australia and I still don't know for sure about Canada. As for now there is no problem with US mail in the states.
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