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Now that Iím mostly walking without my cane, Iíve been able to do some organizing in my quilting studio. It was a mess, with Christmas stuff that had been stored under the guest bed stacked along one wall where the guest bed used to be. As you may recall, DH had some help from family and friends moving the guest bed downstairs since I couldnít get upstairs to our bedroom for the first couple of weeks after I got home from rehab. Anyway, rather than put the bed back in my studio, we had the 60 year old falling apart mattress and box spring hauled away and DH and DS put the bed frame in our garage for storage after I became able to get upstairs.

So that left a nice bit of floor space and a wall, but also all the stuff that had been stored under the bed. Iíve slowly been reclaiming moving things around as mobility and energy allow. Finally, Yesterday I moved my fabric storage drawers and the drawers where I keep scrap batting. They had been shoved under various tables in the office part of my space and were difficult to get to even before my riding mishap. Now they are located along the wall in my studio where the guest bed used to be and the Christmas stuff is now temporarily stored under the tables in my office space. Yay! It is so nice o have, my batting and my fabric in one easy to get to location. There was even room for my large roll of batting- major win!

took lots of Ibuprofin last night LOL!

Let me know how your organizing journey is going.


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